SolarWinds Threat Monitor

Security for Managed Security Service Providers

Detect. Respond. Report. All in near real time.


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Streamline Your Security Operations

As a managed security service provider (MSSP), your customers expect you to safeguard their businesses from security threats. SolarWinds® Threat Monitor™ empowers MSSPs of all sizes by reducing the complexity and cost of threat detection, response, and reporting. You get an all-in-one security operations center (SOC) that is unified, scalable, and affordable.

  • Threat intelligence
  • Security information and event management
  • Log correlation and analysis
  • Network intrusion and host intrusion detection systems
  • Advanced log search
  • Automated responses
  • Alarm engine
  • Compliance reporting
  • Custom branding
  • Log-event archiving

Key Features

Threat Intelligence

Make smart decisions using the most recent threat intelligence.

Our threat intelligence is continuously updated from multiple sources, designed to help you find and respond to threats across your on-premises and hosted data centers—and public cloud environments like Azure® or AWS®

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Get a centralized view into near real-time log notifications from your customers’ networks.

Threat Monitor collects log-file information from disparate sources and helps you hone in on the most critical threats by rapidly assessing intent and severity.

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Log Correlation and Analysis

Threat Monitor is designed to help discover threats for you, enabling you to focus on real threats, not sifting through logs.

Threat Monitor correlates logs in near-real-time from your customers’ systems and analyzes them against multiple sources of continuously updated threat intelligence.


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Network and Host Intrusion Detection Systems

Designed to pinpoint unwanted traffic and software across your managed networks and systems.

Get alerted to unusual traffic patterns on the network and malicious software on systems. Threat Monitor spots anomalies and is designed to sound the alarm only when needed.

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Advanced Log Search

High-speed log search for post-incident forensic analysis.

Rapidly normalize, search, and analyze thousands of logs to help understand the nature of threats and attacks.

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Automated Responses

Helps you react faster by setting the system to automatically respond to threats.

Automate intelligent action steps to help remediate security incidents, reducing the need for constant user interaction.

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Alarm Engine

Set rules to help make sure you receive only relevant alarms.

Threat Monitor was designed to alert you to only relevant threats, ignoring benign activity based on user-configured thresholds and rules. The system will help you identify and summarize important events.

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Compliance Reporting

Simplify your compliance efforts with detailed reports.

Start with our existing report templates or customize your own to help your efforts in passing regulatory and compliance audits.

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Custom Branding

Brand the interface and reports to keep your business top-of-mind.

The custom branding feature for both the interface and reports helps reinforce the value of your services.

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Log-Event Archive

Archive log events for up to one year.

Easily view threats over time to help identify and troubleshoot short-term issues, spot patterns and longer-term trends so that you can begin forensic investigations after a breach.

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What This Means for Your Business

A Map with too many incident reports that Threat Monitor would filter.

As you’re likely aware, there’s simply no silver bullet in cybersecurity. Any security strategy worth its salt requires a multifaceted approach. Yet this can present a challenge—as the security tools you need to manage increase, so does your overhead. Threat Monitor was designed to give you a central command hub to help you monitor for threats, respond to them, and generate reports from anywhere at any time.

As a managed security service provider, your security solution must be able to handle multiple customers at multiple locations. Threat Monitor was built from the ground up with managed security service providers in mind, helping you seamlessly cover your customer base from a single, centralized dashboard. 

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A custom branded threat monitor dashboard

Your customers want you to keep them secure. Yet, one of the challenges with cybersecurity is that when you do your job well, customers don’t hear from you often. Threat Monitor was designed to help remind your customers of your value by enabling you to brand the interface and reports. 

It shouldn’t take you decades to set up a threat monitoring solution. If you want to expand your business, then onboarding should be quick and hiccup-free. Threat Monitor was built to be easy for MSSPs of all sizes to set up and scale. In other words, it’s automated threat hunting that’s designed to accommodate both your and your customers’ growth. 

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