SolarWinds Take ControlA Remote Support Tool Built for Speed, Power, and Security

You’re about to begin a free trial of remote support software designed to allow your technicians to remotely solve problems faster than ever—all at an affordable price. It was built to help you:

  • Save time with fast remote connections and deep diagnostic tools
  • Reinforce your brand with customization features
  • Gain better visibility with support for high-resolution monitors and extensive reporting
  • Earn customers’ trust by providing more robust security

Give SolarWinds® Take Control Plus a try, FREE for 14 days.

You can purchase directly from your trial. That means no sales calls and no pressure. You just get a system designed to provide powerful, safe, attended or unattended remote support at an affordable price.

“It’s the most reliable and cost-effective remote support solution we have used.”

– Mark Bickley, Partner, The Digital Workshops Partnership

"I like that with Take Control Plus, we can have our clients go to our website and click, ‘Get Support Now,’ and then just click on Take Control Plus without having to walk them through 20 prompts."

– Steve Anderson, CEO, Economic Computers

It's Easy to Get Started:

  • No credit card details required
  • Login credentials will be sent to you via email. If you’re already a SolarWinds MSP customer, you can just use your existing username and password
  • You’ll have access to multiple guides to walk you through many common workflows
  • You can purchase at any time during the trial

Try Take Control Plus
Free for 14 Days

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