SolarWinds Mail Assure Ultra Reliable and Ultra Secure

When email stops, business stops, too

If your customers’ primary email infrastructure goes down, it can lead to lost productivity, lost information, and, often, lost business.

SolarWinds® Mail Assure helps to ensure that your users can always send and receive email, even when the primary infrastructure fails. It also includes best-in-class email security and email archiving that helps you comply with regulatory requirements.

With Mail Assure, you get:

  • Robust email security powered by a continuously updated threat database
  • 24/7 email continuity
  • Additional security for Office 365
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Encrypted, tamper-proof email archive with unlimited storage*
  • The ability to brand the system for yourself or your customers
  • Data centers located in multiple countries to meet geo-centric compliance needs

It's Easy to Get Started:

  • No credit card details required
  • Login info sent directly to you via email
  • Technical support is available during the trial to get you started

*50GB/mailbox FUP (fair use policy)

When I discuss email hosting and security with a customer, all I need to do is explain the Mail Assure business continuity feature and they're sold.

Ken Kohn, Miracle Data

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