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N-able Take Control

Which version of Take Control is right for you?

N-able Take Control® and N-able Take Control Plus® are both designed to offer robust remote support features. The following comparison chart can help you decide which solution is right for you.

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Take Control on monitors
Take Control
Take Control Plus
  Multiplatform support (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux)
Attended support via downloaded applets
Unattended support via installed agents
  Endpoint Agents per license
  Registered users per license
  Native mobile app (iOS & Android)
  Fast connections; typically in seconds
  Ability to provide support from Android and iOS devices
  Ability to connect to Android and iOS devices
  End-user logins for your customers per license
  Supports six languages
  Panic Button (access to unlimited licenses in case of emergency for 10 hrs)
Branding and customization of agent & applet components
Support request button for your website
  Mass deployment of agents to machines
  Bulk management of Take Control agent settings
Customized emails and alerts
  Default configurations for new agents
  Ability to organize by departments
Customize your Terms of Service
Automatic customer report sending
  IP access control
  Support for GDPR readiness
  Support for HIPAA compliance
  Uses AES 256 and TLS1.2 data encryption
  Multilayer authentication, including two-factor authentication
Sessions can be created only by authorized users
  Ability to lock PC
  Ability to prevent auto-sleep, auto-lock, and inactivity disconnects
  Clipboard deletions at the end of each session
  Idle sessions timeout control
  Video session recording
Stored locally only
Unlimited storage for up to two years
  Ability to search and review session histories via report
Up to 6 months
Flexible technician creation and permissions
Efficient Device Creation
  Secrets Vaults
  Optional post-session surveys for technicians
Calling cards
  Deferred support requests
Session history export to .xls file
  Real-time session dashboard with kiosk mode
  Survey summaries
Tech performance reports
  PIN code expiration options
  Simple PIN connect to unenrolled devices
Support request button for your website
  Keyboard tray support request button
Ability to send session links via email
In-session chat
  QuickStart guide for customers (in
  Pre-session chat
  Show customer position in request queue in Applet
Show customer expected wait time in request queue
  VoIP calling
Customizable in-session or post-session surveys
  One-click session access from enrolled devices
  Multisession handling
  Searchable session notes
Session recordings
Local Storage Only
Cloud storage
Missed session notifications
  Hide wallpaper
  Full screen/fit screen view
  Block remote keyboard and mouse
  Laser pointer
  Ability to lock PC
  On-screen link to keyboard shortcuts
  Ability to transfer sessions between technicians
  Technician screen sharing (attended sessions)
  Switch presenter role
  Port forwarding
  RDP forwarding
  Ability to pause session
  Ability to blank screen
  Change terminal services session
Remote printing for Mac or Windows
  4K+ remote monitor support
24-bit true-color support
  Dynamic multimonitor support
Automatic color and quality adjustment depending on bandwidth
  Automatic keyboard mapping translation
  Force reboot and reconnect in safe mode, if necessary
File Transfer - copy/paste & drag/drop
  System CMD Shell
Windows 8 & 10 Commands
  Ability to prevent auto-sleep, auto-lock, and inactivity disconnects
  Access to basic system info (OS, CPU, RAM, network, disk space)
  Terminal session success with user access selection
  Run local batch script (system shell session)
Script execution engine (one-to-many scripting)
Registry editing
Access to deep system information (processes, network, applications, and more)
System health information (storage, core perf. issues, etc.)
Windows event logs and updates
  PowerShell advance scripting engine
  Take Control proxy
  Mobile config file upload
  In-app guides
  Customer Success Center & Help Center
  QuickStart guide
  Highly active product development team
  24/7 chat support
  24/7 phone and chat support
  Deferred support API
  History API: automatic data export to PSA