SolarWInds N-central Scale Your IT Business with Layered Automation Capabilities

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SolarWInds N-central Expand Your IT Business by Customizing for Efficiency and Scale

SolarWinds N-central is an RMM solution built for large MSPs who place a premium on efficiency. You get the power, customization, and flexibility to manage highly diverse client networks with incredible precision and minimal manpower. Automation tools and rule-based workflows let you seamlessly onboard and monitor thousands of machines.

SolarWinds RMM Gain the Simplicity to Start Fast and the Power to Grow at Your Pace

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SolarWinds RMM Get the MSP Essentials in One Simple, Powerful Solution

SolarWinds RMM is a cloud-based remote monitoring and management solution that helps MSPs deliver valuable IT services within hours, not weeks or months. Clear dashboards place alerts front and center, and built-in remote access and security features help you support and protect customers from day one.

Choosing the Right RMM Solution

You may wonder which solution will fit you better. These questions can serve as a starting point to guide you to the right choice:

1. Do you operate a network operations center (NOC)?

Yes? Likely N-central to control complex networks.

2. Do you need to get up and running quickly?

Yes? Likely RMM. You can be operational in just hours.

3. Have you outgrown your current RM solution and are looking for new capabilities?

Yes? Likely N-central if you’re looking for depth and layered automation capabilities.

4. Do you prefer to pay only for what you use with no minimum purchase quantity?

Yes? Likely RMM. You can start small and pay as you grow.

5. Do you require on-premises operations?

Only N-central provides an on-premises option.