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Reward your technicians with time

Drive Efficiency with Automation

Finding and retaining customers is the foundation of any MSP business. But to drive faster business growth, you’ll need every part of your business running optimally. Technician efficiency is a key part of this puzzle.

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Why automate

Why Automate?

A large part of a technician’s day can be consumed with manual, repetitive tasks. Automation can give time back so technicians can concentrate on helping grow your business by delivering a broader range of more valuable services to your customers.

  • Standardize service delivery: Automation helps you provide the same high level of service to all clients, regardless of their size or location. 
  • Ensure repetitive, but important work gets done: Automation removes the human factor to make activities like preventive maintenance run like clockwork, regardless of how boring the tasks may be.
  • Retain top talent: Good technicians are hard to find, and even harder to keep. Automation helps you do more with your existing techs and keeps them working on interesting tasks.

Why N-able?

N-able gives you the power to go beyond simple automation, allowing you to create processes for hundreds of tasks. This helps make it easier to take on more clients, service larger and more complex environments, and scale your business fast.

  • Benefit from our insights: We conduct real-time analysis of more than 5 million endpoints, and your technicians can directly benefit from these insights when creating automation scripts and solutions.
  • Get a head start using the out-of-the-box policies and scripts: Hundreds of policies and scripts are already built for RMM and N-central and can be used to support the most common use cases and tasks. Your techs can also reuse existing solutions by uploading scripts written in common scripting languages.
  • Learn from our automation community: N-able hosts community webinars, boot camps, online forums, and other opportunities to ask questions and get feedback on scripts. We also help your techs by looking out for tasks that are ripe for automation, creating solutions, and sharing those solutions with the community.
  • Enjoy simplicity in action: Automation Manager features a drag-and-drop scripting engine so your techs can create powerful automation solutions without being experts in scripting a language.
Why SolarWinds

What Can You Automate? See for Yourself

Automate device discovery, configuration, maintenance processes, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and remediation with either N-able RMM or N-able N-central®. To learn more and see for yourself, try a demo today.

What can you automate?