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Three Levels of Analytics

LOGICcards, a key element of the N-able platform, brings the power of big data and collective intelligence to IT service providers. LOGICcards gives you data-driven insights on how to prevent problems and improve your IT setup.

It's all based on the collective intelligence we've gained from analyzing over 5 million endpoints across hundreds of thousands of networks under our management. In short, it's like having your own data scientist with access to incredible data they can't get anywhere else giving you insights around the clock. That helps you make better business decisions and, ultimately, become a better IT professional.

It all starts with three levels of analytics-and continues with the ability to automate actions based on these insights.

1. Describe the Environment

Descriptive analytics outline the state of your IT environment. LOGICcards automatically pushes important descriptive analytics right to your dashboard, identifying:

  • Users who have inappropriate access privileges
  • Endpoints and servers with incomplete software installs
  • Devices on your networks that are missing crucial Windows security updates

2. Predict Upcoming Problems

The next level of analytics helps you predict potential future states of your system. LOGICcards can tell you about:

  • Potential performance issues due to users who don't reboot enough
  • Possible crashes caused by patch updates with high failure rates
  • The amount of future updates on software or OS packages based on historical update trends

On top of that, the N-able platform includes N-able Risk Intelligence, which gives you a dollar-based risk assessment for your IT security. In other words, it helps you predict the financial liability you would face in the event of a data breach and helps you address the riskiest issues first.


3. Prescribe Solutions

The next level gives suggestions to prevent problems before they occur. N-able gives you this level of deep insight, including:

  • Insight into how your security deviates from best practices (and how to fix it)
  • Tips on how to mitigate risk for your users running unsupported software and operating systems
  • Suggestions on how to boost bandwidth in your current environment

Your Automation Hub

Solid analytics mean nothing if you can't act upon them. The N-able platform helps you use real-world data to automate checks, tasks, patch updates, and more.

For example, LOGICcards could tell you that a particular software package is missing a critical security patch. From there, you can update the software package across multiple endpoints, servers, and sites with the click of a button. And beyond that, you can then use patch management to automatically update patches based on their severity, helping you to ensure you don't miss a critical security patch again.

Data-Driven Insights in Action:

Too many users have access to sensitive data.
LOGICcards will point out when users have added or deleted software, which often indicates that the user has admin privileges.
Machines with unpatched software can be difficult to locate.
LOGICcards will tell you whenever devices lack critical updates to their OS or software.
Users may delete their antivirus protection.
LOGICcards locates any devices missing antivirus protection so you can quickly close the gap.
You need to improve your team's efficiency.
LOGICcards analyzes the amount of time spent in remote viewing sessions per user. This lets you create policies to protect your most time-consuming users.
Keeping up with industry developments can be time consuming.
N-able constantly adds new cards to keep you up to date on the latest best practices. This includes security bulletins from software vendors, viruses on the rise in your geographic region, and much more.