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From support for Windows, Mac, and Linux to mobile access and support for both cloud and on-premises remote monitoring and management, SolarWinds® MSP helps you provide outstanding IT support across platforms and devices.

Features Developed for Windows, Mac, and Linu

SolarWinds MSP has been investing heavily in expanding our cross-platform offerings. With each new feature we add to the platform, we develop it to work across Windows, Mac, and Linux. That means Mac users get the same layered security protection, big data analytics, automated monitoring checks, and backup and disaster recovery that Windows users get. And as we develop new features and services, we will continue to develop them with cross-platform compatibility in mind. 

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Simplify Management

Not only do we make it easier for you to manage IT across platforms, we also make it simple for you to use the platforms you prefer. SolarWinds MSP lets you:

Manage from your smartphone: SolarWinds MSP Remote Monitoring & Management (MSP RMM) includes downloadable Apple and Android applications for your smartphones and tablets.

Get data-driven insights on the go: Our collective intelligence recommendation engine, LOGICcards, is available from within a variety of mobile apps, including an Android app, a Chrome browser extension, and an iPhone app.

Cloud? On-Premises? No Problem

SolarWinds MSP wants your business to be done on your terms. Whether you want to host your MSP RMM instance in the cloud or you want to run it using your own in-house hardware, we can deliver what you need:

  • Cloud/SaaS delivery: Get all the benefits you need to run your business-including automation, layered security, and data-driven insights-without having to invest in additional hardware. And it's easy to get started in just minutes with a free trial.
  • On-premises delivery: preferite continuare ad utilizzare il vostro hardware esistente? Semplicemente scaricate il software MSP RMM, impostate alcune semplici opzioni di configurazione e il sistema individuerà automaticamente le macchine presenti nei siti dei vostri clienti

To learn more about the difference between both the SaaS and on-premises versions, including viewing a side-by-side feature comparison, click here.

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