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Four Reasons To Choose Hybrid Cloud For Backup And Recovery

Backup and recovery matters more than ever. These days, most small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are driven by data—from email and digital documents to productivity apps and point-of-sale systems. Protecting that data is critical.
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Managed Services Pricing Guide 2.0: Industry Best Practices

Managed Services continues to be a high growth market with many MSPs rapidly acquiring new customers, managing new devices and building recurring revenue. The reason for this growth is the reliance of SMBs on their IT infrastructure without the IT budgets to justify staffing their own technicians. MSPs are in a perfect position to continue to shift SMBs away from hourly rates and into fully managed services. Moving to a model with consistent monthly fees provides stable IT costs for the customer and predictable recurring revenue the provider.
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Indications of Compromise

A 2016 Malwarebytes study found that 40% of businesses were hit with a ransomware virus in the previous year, with 20% of those affected having to close up shop as a result.*

To retain your clients, you need to keep them safe. That means knowing how to prevent attacks and how to recover if one lands.

Our guide, Indications of Compromise: A Guide to Spotting and Preventing Malware Infection, covers:

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Why email security matters

Increasingly, email has become “the” critical business service. According to Radicati’s 2014-2018 Email Statistics Report, there were 4.1 billion email accounts in 2014, and this will grow to 5.2 billion within four years. Business is the biggest source of email traffic, said the report, accounting for 108.7 billion emails per day in 2014 – and the number of business-related emails will increase to 139.4 billion daily by 2018. Clearly email is baked into the DNA of any business. Unfortunately, email is also a channel for attackers to strike at any organization. Spam is a frequent problem for business users, who may be sent harmful attachments that could infect computers on their network. Our SolarWinds® MSP Mail solution data supports the worldwide statistics claiming that almost 70% of email traffic worldwide is spam or malicious. 

Improve cash flow with your service desk

Can a piece of software increase your cash flow and profits? No, not the software; it is the automation of processes that the software facilitates. Regardless of your business, you must have processes in place and make them workable in order to succeed and scale. Unfortunately humans are prone to distraction and must sometimes be given a framework for getting mundane tasks done.
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How to sell disaster recovery

Think of selling disaster recovery like selling insurance. You are trying to get a customer to give you money just in case something goes wrong. It’s just like car insurance, no one says to themselves, “I sure am glad I give hundreds of dollars a month to my insurance company!” That is until they get into an accident. Likewise your customers know it’s possible that data, applications, and systems can corrupt or fail, leaving their business partially or completely inoperative. They realize the need for disaster recovery. But then comes the question of just how much to protect.
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How to plan for disaster recovery

Disaster recovery scenario planning begins with identifying potential business interruption events. If you understand what the risks are, you can formulate a strategy of how to deal with them and mitigate, or at least limit, business impact. Once the disaster recovery scenarios are identified, the planning phase commences. This involves determining the probability of each scenario occurring and documenting the recovery operations.

Determining your MSP offering

In the early days of starting an IT business, it’s tempting to grab every potential client and assignment in the pursuit of revenue. While this is an understandable strategy, it makes more sense long-term to have a clear idea of exactly what services you will offer and how you will deliver them. Agreeing to carry out tasks that don’t fit with your skills is a fast road to stress, and probably plenty of unpaid overtime as well. Before you come up with a business tagline, take an accurate inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Your business reputation is of paramount importance— so spend time getting your offering right.
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Cloud archiving 101: a guide for MSPs

As the basis for so much daily business communication, email is a mission-critical service for many business people. Managed services providers must steward it carefully, with a close eye on performance. In the fight for effective email management, there is one weapon that service providers frequently overlook: archiving.
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Choosing the right disaster recovery solution

It’s an all too familiar occurrence for businesses today: something goes wrong – from the simple accidental deletion, to the loss of an entire building’s worth of data – and IT is supposed to make it all better. Right now. (Is it done yet?) This is not always the easiest task to accomplish. Why? It may be worth considering that you are using the wrong backup and recovery solution or you are simply using the one you have incorrectly.

An MSP guide to selling IT security

Savvy and sophisticated MSPs are always looking for ways to add additional value to their offerings and engagement with their customers. By enhancing their capabilities, MSPs are able to differentiate their service, be more proactive, and command higher margins.
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7 ways to make yourself hard to hack

Call it layered security or defense in depth, but just make sure that you use it. While the concept is as old as IT security thinking itself, that doesn’t make applying layers of security any the less relevant today. Choosing the correct layers, of course, is paramount. Think of defense in depth as being a risk mitigation construct applying multiple layers of control across the length and breadth of your IT environment, and you will be pretty much on the money.

5 managed service mistakes you could be making

Take a look at these surprisingly common “schoolboy errors,” and see if your MSP business may be guilty of making these mistakes. If so, make some immediate changes to rectify the situation or problems could be just around the corner.
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Turning data protection into a game changer for MSPs

In an increasingly regulated and hostile Internet environment, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are forced to move at the pace dictated by cybercriminals. In the face of this, protecting customer’s confdential or regulated data, managing their vulnerabilities and demonstrating the value of these activities is a major challenge for MSPs. This is compounded by the fact that many customers don’t understand the risks to their data, or even realise that they have a problem in the first place.