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Correlate and Analyze Logs to Identify Threats to Your Managed Networks

Threat Monitor Event Log

When it comes to providing security-related services like threat detection to their customers, managed service providers (MSPs) face challenges when gathering and correlating log data. For example, applications running on customers’ networks may have different log output formats. Additionally, existing text search tools can have limitations that could potentially lead to key log data being overlooked or omitted. 

To top it off, manually gathering and correlating log data can be complex and time-consuming. Many MSPs don't have the time or in-house expertise to devote to this effort. This can lead to event logs piling up while potential cyberincidents remain undetected. 

SolarWinds® Threat Monitor™ is designed to reduce complexity by automating the log correlation and normalization process. This can potentially help reduce time spent gathering and analyzing logs, so you can focus on identifying threats to your managed networks.

The log correlation feature was designed to provide: 

  • Streamlined management via log and data collection in one tool: Network logs are less useful for understanding cyberthreats when kept in isolation. You can often only recognize attacks when logs generated across your managed networks are analyzed side-by-side. SolarWinds Threat Monitor was designed to automatically collect logs and data feeds from nearly everything on your managed networks—including networking equipment, firewalls, servers, and more. It then organizes this information into a single solution. 
  • Actionable insights via automatic log normalization: As an MSP, you may be responsible for managing networks that generate thousands—if not millions—of events in a short period of time. Manually identifying, categorizing, and making sense of these can be challenging and costly due to the amount of incoming data. Threat Monitor is designed to automatically correlate and normalize logs to help you better identify the relationships between ongoing events. 
  • Help with demonstrating regulatory compliance: In many industries, businesses must adhere to regulations for networked systems and security. SolarWinds Threat Monitor was designed to help MSPs gather information during the log correlation process that can be used to assist in demonstrating a strong security monitoring policy, which can potentially help in demonstrating regulatory compliance. 
  • Greater visibility to the customer: Threat Monitor was also designed to help MSPs provide additional value via strong reporting. MSPs can send reports to stakeholders that itemize security-related events and threats identified within a specified period. These reports can also help demonstrate the steps taken to address the risks.