SolarWinds Remote Monitoring and Management Automation and Scripting Management

Get More Done with Drag-And-Drop Automation or by Uploading Your Own Scripts


Your time is at a premium, so it greatly benefits you and your users when you can automate a routine task. Yet many IT service management software platforms offer only the bare minimum when it comes to automation.

SolarWinds® Remote Monitoring & Management gives you incredible flexibility to automate even complex tasks with ease. First, we have our drag-and-drop automation feature, which allows you to create sophisticated automation tasks without having to learn a new, complex scripting language. If you prefer to write your own scripts, you can upload them as well. And we even provide a library of over 100+ tasks already scripted that you can just plug in and play.

Arm Yourself with Automation

  • Drag and drop: Automate tasks using our drag-and-drop editor. This feature allows team members, even those with little or no coding experience, to create sophisticated automation scripts without writing any code.
  • Easy task automation: Access 100+ automation tasks already created for you and ready to be applied immediately.
  • Automated onboarding: Create tasks to automatically set up and configure new endpoints, servers, or other devices on customers’ networks.
  • Bulk changes: Remote Monitoring & Management provides the ability to use bulk actions to modify scripts on many machines at once.
  • Proactive tasks: Set tasks to trigger automatically when a monitoring check signals a problem.
  • Scheduling: Scripts can be deployed with the push of a button or can be set to run on a schedule.

Extend Your Automation with Custom Scripts

  • Custom scripts: Upload your own custom scripts if you prefer not to use the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Community scripts: Leverage our extensive community of IT professionals who share their own scripts for others to use.

Get Complete Transparency

  • Immediate results: Actions related to checks and tasks take place in near real-time.