SolarWinds N-central Network Topology Mapping

Get up-to-date visuals of your network, so you can quickly and efficiently identify and troubleshoot issues.

Network Topology Mapping

Network topology mapping gives you capabilities supporting in-depth network assessments—as well as intuitive ways of visually troubleshooting networking issues. You can automatically discover your entire network and create comprehensive, detailed topology maps that allow you to quickly and easily know your network.

Help Ensure Complete Visibility

  • Auto-detect: Network topology mapping automatically detects new devices and changes to network topology with scheduled network scanning.
  • Onboarding made easy: When onboarding a new client, network topology mapping saves you a trip to the site, and it saves you from manually taking inventory of devices.

Maximize Efficiency When Troubleshooting Network Issues

  • Scheduled scans: With automated and scheduled scans, you will always be confident that you are looking at the most up-to-date visual representation of your network.
  • Quickly locate issues: By seeing how your network is laid out and connected, you can quickly identify where the network issue is located for faster troubleshooting and minimal downtime.

Five Reasons to Use Network Topology Mapping

  1. To onboard new clients or gain insights to a network during presale
  2. To ensure network meets compliance standards
  3. To audit and manage inventory
  4. To track changes to an existing client’s network, such as devices added or changes in routing.
  5. To troubleshoot or investigate network connectivity issues quickly and easily