MSP Manager
Mobile Apps

Solve On-Site Issues Fast with MSP Manager Mobile Apps

Engineers spend a lot of time in the field. While they can solve many issues remotely, most employees in an IT service management business still frequently have to trek to client locations. To be effective on site, engineers should have easy access to all the knowledge and info available in their help desk. SolarWinds® MSP Manager mobile apps, available on both the App Store and Google Play, let engineers create tickets, review customer information and much more, allowing them to provide outstanding on-site service to your clients. Additionally, clients can download a mobile support application that lets them check ticket status without calling or emailing your team.

Convenience in the Field

  • Ticket management: View your assigned tickets, change ticket status, and create new tickets on the fly.
  • Contact details: Get access to customer contact information, including phone and email, and view all of the users associated with the client.
  • Knowledge management: Get access to the knowledge you need from your smartphone or tablet. Review a customer’s ticket history for previous issues, asset information, passwords, procedures and more.

Manage Your Time

  • Company dashboard: Managers can monitor productivity by viewing stats on tickets, under- and over-utilized employees, and more.
  • Calendar: View appointments on the MSP Manager calendar or, if necessary, quickly add a new appointment. This will create an iCal file that can be used with other calendar programs like Google Calendar or Outlook.
  • Keep customers off the phone: Your clients can also download a support application to their mobile device that lets them track their tickets without calling or emailing.