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MSP Anywhere

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Remote control should be convenient for both you and your clients. SolarWinds® MSP Anywhere was built to give you that convenience—fast, reliable connections that let you get in, get the job done, and quickly move on with your day. And MSP Anywhere provides the tools you need to provide an outstanding user experience, including:

  • Fast connection speeds
  • Live chat
  • Easy support request options, including a desktop executable, a system tray icon, and web requests
  • Special key support
  • Silent file transfers
  • Bash shell access
  • Session recordings
  • Productivity reports

Key Features

User-Facing Support

Give your customers an outstanding IT support experience without leaving your desk.

This includes

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Behind-The-Scenes Support

Provide outstanding service without interrupting your users’ workflows.

This includes

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Environment Management

Maximize your organization’s productivity and service quality.

This includes

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What This Means for Your Business

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Sometimes, it takes everyone putting their heads together to solve a problem for a client. You may start with a junior level tech working on the issue, but soon, they may need to escalate to a senior engineer. That's why we built MSP Anywhere with collaboration in mind. Technicians can jump into group chat to ask a question from the team, multiple engineers can work together on a single problem, and employees can even transfer sessions when they need to let someone else sit in the driver's seat.

Clients shouldn't have to go through downloading a remote session client and installing it before getting the help they need. With MSP Anywhere, all you need to do is set up a session and send the client a secure pin and you'll be tackling their IT issues in no time. On top of it, they can easily request help via your own branded .exe file placed on their desktop or via a web-based interface.

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MSP Anywhere was built with security in mind. After technicians log into MSP Anywhere, they will be able to access only those devices they're authorized for. If you need to change a tech's permissions or if a technician leaves the company, you can keep your customers safe by simply modifying permissions or deleting the tech's account.