SolarWinds Backup Workstation Backup

Help keep your employees productive with workstation backup.


When workstations are unavailable, employees can’t work. When employees can’t work, revenue drops. SolarWinds® Backup helps protect your workstations so that downtime for employees is kept to a minimum. Workstations have become critical tools in the information economy. A full workstation backup helps keep employees productive and helps protect important intellectual property. 


  • Easy deployment: Deployed standalone or through MSP RMM or N-Central, basic workstation backup protection is just a click away.
  • Easy monitoring: Quickly view the status of all backups using SolarWinds Backup's web-based management console.
  • Better resource usage: y tracking only changes rather than full files, backups become so quick that they no longer have to be scheduled during off-hours.
  • Secure cloud storage: Our global data centers meet or exceed ISO and SSAE compliancy.
  • Availability: Our data centers uses minimum n+1 redundancy on all critical systems for power, environment, internet to help provide the highest availability.
  • Granular data selection: Whether it’s a file, folder, application, client operating system, or a complete server, SolarWinds Backup easily lets you select exactly what data needs to be protected.
  • Redundancy: Backups can be stored both locally and in the cloud, providing instant data redundancy.
  • Block-level changes: True Delta™ works at the block level, allowing it to transmit changes only rather than the full file.