Feature Cloud Virtual Disaster Recovery Solutions

Virtual Disaster Recovery to Hyper-V or VMware

If you want to help ensure business continuity, you must have a fast and proven disaster recovery solution in place. Since it can be expensive to maintain a secondary data center for disaster recovery, many MSPs choose virtual disaster recovery. In this scenario, backups from physical or virtual servers can be restored in a virtual environment in order to get back to business quickly.

Virtual Disaster Recovery

SolarWinds® Backup includes a virtual disaster recovery feature that allows you to create a working mirror of your Windows Server, and run it in a virtual environment for fast fail-over in case of disaster. This mirror can be kept up-to-date automatically by using the continuous restore feature. There is no extra charge for using either capability, and you can recover to VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, or to Azure.

Virtual disaster recovery can be set up for one specific server, or you can use the recovery console to recover data from multiple devices simultaneously.

SolarWinds Backup offers:

  • Virtual disaster recovery: Recover a physical or virtual server to a virtual machine, running in your own location or hosted in Azure.
  • Complete Exchange database restores: SolarWinds disaster recovery software helps you restore Exchange databases even when they’re corrupted or infected by malware.
  • Full Exchange server disaster recovery: Backup gives you several options for a full Exchange server recovery depending on your specific business needs, including via virtual disaster recovery and continuous recovery.
  • Continuous Backup and Disaster Recovery: SolarWinds Backup automatically updates a standby server via a restore after each backup session completes.
  • Minimize Disaster Recovery Costs: Don’t pay for a secondary data center location for DR – SolarWinds Backup lets you recover to a VM at the location of your choice, including a Hyper-V instance in Azure.