SolarWinds Backup Server Backup

Secure, Fast Recovery for when you need it


When a server or application becomes unavailable. It has a direct and far-reaching impact to the bottom line; lost sales, lost customers and loss of brand.

SolarWinds® Backup is designed to protect physical servers, VMware® or Hyper-V®, to help offer continuous protection and secure cloud storage to provide fast, convenient recovery of servers and applications.

From bare metal images to critical applications like Exchange™, SQL or SharePoint® we help protect your servers and applications to let you focus on the business.


  • Rapid Recovery: SolarWinds Backup is designed to use the fastest recovery source from both local Speed Vault and cloud-based backups.
  • Physical-to-virtual recovery: If your physical hardware is unavailable, you can recover the server as a virtual machine.
  • Bare metal protection: Regular backups of boot volume, system state, applications, and system data to help ensure that you’re prepared for any disaster.
  • Better resource usage: By tracking only changes rather than full files, backups become so quick that they no longer have to be scheduled during off-hours.
  • Secure cloud storage: Our global data centers meet or exceed ISO and SSAE compliancy.
  • Availability: Our data centers uses minimum n+1 redundancy on all critical systems for power, environment, internet to help provide the highest availability.
  • Virtualization support: Natively supports both VMware® ESX and Hyper-V® platforms.
  • Comprehensive platform support: With support for Microsoft Windows®, Linux, Mac OS X®, VMware, and Hyper-V, SolarWinds Backup's cloud-based storage solutions have your entire network covered. And we also archive application data from Oracle®, SQL Server, MySQL, Exchange™, and SharePoint®.
  • Block-level changes: True Delta™ works at the block level, allowing it to transmit changes only rather than the full file.