SolarWinds Backup Backup Documents

Save your work, protect critical business documents.


Many employees keep working copies or even final versions of business documents on their local machines. The loss of a document can mean a loss of time as it's re-created or worse if that document is lost completely. SolarWinds Backup Documents deploys automatically to find business documents and backs them up twice a day automatically. End user self-service means that end users can easily recover documents temporarily lost due to accident, ransomware or hardware failure.


  • Incredibly affordable: Purpose-built to deliver low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Auto deployment: Deployed to each workstation automatically, no configuration required.
  • Finds your documents: Automatically finds all business documents, spreadsheets, presentations and word processing files on your local hard drives.
  • Auto-backup: Documents are backed up twice a day automatically.
  • 28 days of safety: All documents are held for 28 days. Easily choose from 56 different backup versions to recover. Save hassle.
  • End User self-service: End users log in to search, surf or pick the documents they need to recover.


Backup Documents protects the most common business documents.

For the most up to date list of supported document types please see our online help.