MSP Advice Project: Advisor - Bruce Lach

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Author: Bruce Lach

Bruce Lach has 40 years of IT and General Management experience. During his first 20 years, he spent time in “corporate America” with IT stints at Twin City Federal, General Mills and Land O’Lakes . During this time, Bruce’s IT experience included managing every department in a typical large enterprise IT organization. In the mid-90’s, Bruce’s experience switched to leading start-up and small businesses providing IT services to large enterprises in the Twin City area.  Many of these services were focused on building data warehouses for familiar companies including Wells Fargo, Toro, Valspar, Harvest States and more.

Bruce Lach

It's never too soon to leverage mentors. In this video, our Advisors talk about the importance of mentorship and how sharing information has helped them grow. Additionally, they offer tips for those interested in becoming an MSP or starting their own shop.

Our MSP Advisors share the biggest catalysts for their growth and discuss a common business challenge: how to determine when it's time to hire more technicians.

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