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Data-Driven Automation Report

Discover the Global Trends in Data-Driven Automation
for the IT Service Management Industry

The need to collect and query customers’ IT performance data has become a necessity. IT Service Providers need to investigate trends, pre-empt threats to productivity and deliver more thorough and proactive services as a result. While data collection is important, the real key to profitability is in data-driven automation, empowering technology to make real-time, accurate decisions.

LOGICnow’s latest white paper – based on the thoughts and views of over 350 IT Service Providers from the US, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific – explores the following questions:

  • How many global IT service providers are collecting and storing data on customers’ IT performance?
  • Are they using the data to create actionable recommendations and improve efficiency?
  • What disadvantages are service providers experiencing by failing to adopt data-driven automation?

LOGICnow’s insight into the use of data-driven automation is essential to IT Service Providers looking to maximise customer efficiency, increase positive ROI and grow their market offering.

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