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11 août, 2020

Remote Monitoring and Management—Patch Management

<p>Keeping software up-to-date is a critical step in any cybersecurity policy. But patch management can quickly become complex when you manage multiple workstations and servers manually—or with the wrong tool. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> RMM streamlines the patch management process—giving you granular control over patching policies through a single, easy-to-use console. Read more

3 août, 2020

Seven Reasons to Back Up Microsoft 365 Data

<p>Businesses are increasingly turning to cloud services for their critical business operations, and Microsoft 365™ is quickly becoming the industry standard for email, productivity software, and collaboration tools. But no service is infallible—even Microsoft 365 can be vulnerable to cyberthreats or downtime events. That’s why having a good backup in place can help you better serve your customers. Get our free eBook, Seven Reasons to Back Up Microsoft 365 Data, to discover some surprising reasons why you may want to consider backing up Microsoft 365.&nbsp;</p>

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30 juillet, 2020

Technologies of Trust: Protecting Against Email Fraud and Scams

<p>Email has long been a top attack vector for cybercriminals. They often sneak their way into organizations by masquerading as someone else over email. Get the infographic today to discover some of the key statistics surrounding email security, some common methods cybercriminals use in their phishing attempts, and several security frameworks to help you verify sender identities—and cut down on successful email attacks.</p>

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24 juillet, 2020

Protecting Microsoft 365 with Mail Assure

<p>Microsoft 365 is fast becoming the de facto standard for business email communications. And while this provides a lot of convenience for companies, this also makes it an attractive target for cybercriminals. With email being mission-critical for businesses, it makes sense to fortify your Microsoft 365 email security with additional protection. Get our free eBook to discover how SolarWinds Mail Assure can help you improve email filtering, enhance long-term email retention, and offer greater email continuity for Microsoft 365. &nbsp; &nbsp;</p>

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20 juillet, 2020

Patrolling the New Perimeter: Cybersecurity in the New Era of Remote Work

<p>Over time, the IT world has grown increasingly complex. Years ago, most employees worked within an office, giving IT teams and IT providers greater control of what goes on and off the network. They could think in terms of perimeter-based security—a model where you set up your defenses to protect against threats external to a corporate network in a build.&nbsp;<br />
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17 juillet, 2020

Top 10 Tips for Keeping Customer Passwords Safe

<p>As businesses increasingly rely on cloud services, keeping passwords secure becomes an increasingly important part of their security postures. Despite the importance of this, many employees frequently employ poor password practices. As an MSP, you can take steps to help your customers strengthen their passwords. Get the free infographic to discover key stats on password use and security, the types of password attacks used by cybercriminals, and 10 tips to help your customers improve their password security.&nbsp;</p>

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15 juillet, 2020

Remote Monitoring and Management NetPath

<p>Whether you host applications on-premises, off-premises, or in a hybrid IT environment, deep visibility into critical network paths is essential for you to quickly troubleshoot hot spots and provide consistent, reliable service to your customers. NetPath™ uses advanced probing to detect the network path from a secure server to a destination service, even when traceroute can’t. Read more

14 juillet, 2020

Remote Monitoring and Management Mac Management

<p>Monitor, manage, and help protect Mac devices from the same dashboard you use to manage Windows machines and servers with SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> RMM. Use it to easily back up and recover Mac documents using the cloud. And gain peace of mind knowing our robust antivirus protection is designed to protect and monitor all endpoints 24/7—we use the same security workflow for both Mac and Windows. Download our feature sheet to learn more about how SolarWinds RMM can help you save time, gain more control, and increase efficiency when managing Mac devices. Read more

14 juillet, 2020

Managed Antivirus: A Feature Available with SolarWinds RMM

<p>New malware threats emerge constantly. Protecting customers requires staying up with the latest virus signatures and having tools to prevent emerging malware threats. The managed antivirus feature in SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> RMM is designed to help you do both with ease. Get the feature sheet to learn about some of the key benefits, including how it offers wider protection with multiple types of scans, minimizes system resource drain, and simplifies the process of managing AV across a wide customer base.&nbsp;</p>

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10 juillet, 2020

Ransomware Rescue: How to Recognize and Avoid a Data Hostage Situation

<p>Ransomware has been a major threat to businesses and individuals for years now. Preventing these threats and dealing with them if they arise requires the right strategy. Get the infographic to discover key stats about the state of ransomware, the potential consequences of a ransomware infection, and a list of the key tools to help you prevent and deal with ransomware.&nbsp;</p>

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9 juillet, 2020

Remote Monitoring and Management Web Protection

<p>SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> RMM includes a best-in-class Web Protection service that complements traditional antivirus engines and firewalls to keep users safe and productive. Keep your network safe with threat protection, bandwidth monitoring, and the ability to control user access to sites that could cause a security breach. Safeguard your users and your business with web protection. Download our feature sheet to learn more.</p>

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9 juillet, 2020

RMM Automation Manager

<p>As a busy IT professional, your time is valuable. With automation manger, a feature available through SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> RMM, you can automate mundane tasks and standardize IT processes to save yourself time and money—all without any scripting experience or knowledge! Download our feature sheet to learn how you can start maximizing technician efficiency today.&nbsp;</p>

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7 juillet, 2020

The Cybersecurity Blueprint

<p>As the general public grows increasingly conscious of cybersecurity issues due to data breach headlines, businesses have responded by placing an increased emphasis on their security. This is good news for IT services providers who can help meet this heightened demand. The Cybersecurity Blueprint: 2020 Edition offers a comprehensive method for approaching cybersecurity projects. Read more

6 juillet, 2020

Keeping Employees Secure on the Road or at Home

<p>As employees become increasingly more mobile, it becomes harder for you to keep them safe. Our infographic is packed with critical tips designed to help you keep your customers secure. Download it today to learn about protecting corporate devices, safeguarding corporate networks, and enlisting your customers’ employees to help you do the heavy lifting.&nbsp;</p>

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