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2 novembre, 2020

Calvin Wong, Troppus IT & Management

<p>Email is a key vector for cybersecurity threats, and with more clients moving to cloud-based solutions, it’s important to have the best email security solution to help safeguard your end users. Calvin Wong of Troppus IT &amp; Management believed features like filtering, archiving, backup, and email continuity—along with ease of use, deployment, and cost-effectiveness—should all factor into his search for the right solution. Fortunately, he found just what he needed with SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> Mail Assure. Read more

28 octobre, 2020

Get Cybersecurity Down to a Science

<p>Cybersecurity can be a complex, challenging process. With new types of threats cropping up regularly, staying up-to-date can seem like an impossible task. But gaining control of security for yourself and your customers can be simple if you follow a standard, repeatable process. Get this free infographic to learn a four-step system to help you manage security both tactically and strategically. Read more

27 octobre, 2020

Remote Monitoring and Management

<p>Delivered in a single integrated platform, this comprehensive suite of best-in-class IT services empowers you to manage, monitor, and secure your network from a unified web-based console. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> RMM is designed for exceptional security and data-driven insights, with features ranging from antivirus and web protection to service desk and risk intelligence. These features and more work together to improve all things IT—while delivering powerful business benefits. Download our datasheet to learn more.</p>

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27 octobre, 2020

Changing Backup Solutions: A Guide to Your Options

<p>As you grow and expand your service offering, it’s important to support profitability and efficiency in every area of your business—including data protection. The right system could help save your technicians hours of work each week, freeing them up to work on more lucrative projects. Read our guide to find out more about the different types of backup solutions on the market—and decide for yourself which is right for you.&nbsp;</p>

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26 octobre, 2020

Keeping Your Customers Secure While They Work from Home

<p>As more and more people work from home, it can be difficult to keep customers safe, as employee devices are no longer protected by the corporate firewall/UTM. The increased risk of successful cyberattacks and data theft is real—but there are measures you can take to increase protection. Download our infographic to find out how you can help keep your customers safe while they work from home.&nbsp;</p>

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19 octobre, 2020

EDR or Antivirus: Which Solution Is Right for You?

<p>When it comes to protecting endpoints from cyberthreats, two main options include antivirus (AV) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions. While both have their place, you’ll often have to choose one or the other, as they tend to compete for resources. This free eBook takes an in-depth look at both types of solutions, so you can make an informed decision on which to choose. It covers the key differences between the two solutions, why a risk-based approach is critical to making the decision, and how to deal with potential objections. Read more

15 octobre, 2020

SolarWinds EDR Rollback: A Cybersecurity Time Machine

<p>Ransomware threats have been a scourge on business for years now. A successful attack can take a business offline for a while—and potentially cause them to lose money paying a ransom if they can’t recover their data. To keep customers happy, your goal should be to get them up and running as soon as possible. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) offers a rollback feature that can return an endpoint based on Windows<sup>®</sup> to a safe state before a ransomware attack in almost no time. Read more

14 octobre, 2020

EDR vs AV: What You Need to Know

<p>When it comes to security, the battle is often won or lost at the endpoint. When it comes to endpoint security, you often hear about two main solutions—antivirus (AV) and endpoint detection and response (EDR). While both play their part, they do compete for resources on an endpoint, so you will need to make a choice. But how do you choose? Get this eBook to learn how to make the best strategic choice to protect your customers and your revenue.</p>

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12 octobre, 2020

RMM Endpoint Detection and Response

<p>Your customers need you to protect them from new and ever-evolving security threats. To do that, you need a robust and sophisticated program. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> RMM helps MSPs prevent, detect, and respond to ever-changing threats with SolarWinds Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). It has several powerful tools to help combat cyberattacks, including automation and behavioral AI. Download this feature sheet to learn more about how integrated SolarWinds EDR can help you protect your customers from cyberthreats.</p>

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12 octobre, 2020

Resilient Business Systems

<p>Beginning as a family business, Resilient Business Systems has operated for more than 15 years. From day one, they emphasized meeting their customers’ needs and focused on removing barriers. Because of this “customer-first” mentality, they chose SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> Take Control for their remote support tools. Read the short case study to find out why—from the ability to work across Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, to the capacity to connect to any machine in seconds and solve issues fast. Get the case study to learn more.&nbsp;</p>

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7 octobre, 2020

Endpoint Detection and Response: An Integrated Feature Available in SolarWinds RMM

<p>As cybercriminals continue adapting threats to compromise systems, it’s important to have security tools built to adapt. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> Endpoint Detection and Response uses cutting-edge machine learning and AI to detect even unknown threats to endpoints (in addition to nonmalware based threats). Plus, it’s currently integrated within SolarWinds RMM, allowing you to deploy and manage advanced endpoint security from the same dashboard you use to efficiently monitor and manage IT for your customer base. Read more

30 septembre, 2020

N-central Cisco Meraki Integration

<p>Learn how to optimize the SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> N-central<sup>®</sup> configuration to seamlessly integrate with Cisco<sup>®</sup> Meraki. Minimize onboarding for new Meraki environments, and standardize the deployment of monitoring and alerting within your N-central environment. Download this guide to start the process now.</p>

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17 septembre, 2020

East Texas Council of Governments Protects Data with SolarWinds Backup

<p>The East Texas Council of Governments (ETCOG) is a voluntary association that serves governmental agencies over a 14-county territory. With some servers located more than an hour away, the ability to work remotely is extremely important to the ETCOG IT staff. When IT system administrator for ETCOG Brandon Deaton joined the organization, he knew he needed the best backup solution to fit the council’s needs. While he looked at several options, the flexibility of SolarWinds® Backup won out against the competition. Read more

20 août, 2020

MSP Q&A: Bart Zub, Digimite Technology

<p>Digimite Technology is a successful managed services provider with more than 15 years in the business. Over time, they’ve honed their practices and achieved growth through a mixture of hiring great people and treating them well, and in turn, providing outstanding service that wins them referrals. While they already used SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> RMM, they eventually ditched their old backup provider, Veeam<sup>®</sup>, to use SolarWinds Backup. They found they could offer solid backup services for far less money. Read more