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Remote desktop management software from SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow) helps MSPs gain more control of the networks they manage from a single cloud-based dashboard. Our all-in-one web console enables MSPs to oversee every managed network from anywhere at any time, improving productivity, efficiency and the customer relationship, one IT task at a time.

6 Remote Desktop Management Solutions, 1 Platform

SolarWinds MSP combines six solutions on one platform to create a comprehensive, intuitive control panel that meets MSPs' biggest challenges. These six solutions are:

1. Integrated antivirus. SolarWinds MSP antivirus protection automatically configures scan schedules, sends real-time alerts, and analyzes hundreds of thousands of potential threats every day. Even better, you can configure LOGICnow antivirus on all workstations, laptops and servers from a single point of contact.

2. Monitoring. Proactive workstation and server monitoring ensures all machines operate at optimum performance 100 percent of the time. SolarWinds MSP Monitoring gives MSPs complete visibility into managed networks to catch potential IT issues early, minimizing downtime and correcting problems within minutes.

3. Web protection. SolarWinds MSP web protection controls bandwidth, blocks malicious websites and manages web usage to help beat bandwidth drain, reduce productivity issues, avoid legal liability and safeguard against cyber attacks. 

4. Patch management. Automated patch management from SolarWinds MSP keeps software up-to-date, secure and running efficiently. MSPs can easily detect, download and install patches as well as configure settings all from a single console.

5. Asset tracking. Free asset tracking enables you to track all IT assets on managed networks and complete hardware configurations and software updates quickly and efficiently. With SolarWinds MSP, you can centralize IT inventory, automatically scan workstations, laptops and servers and be alerted when new devices are added to a network.

6. Remote control. With SolarWinds MSP remote control, you can establish a connection at anytime from anywhere to fix IT issues, perform IT maintenance and conduct secure sessions via fully encrypted data channels. 

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At SolarWinds MSP, we understand that investing in an integrated IT Service Management platform can seem like a big commitment. This is why we offer a free no obligation 30-day trial so that you can try out our platform for yourself — no credit card information required.

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