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Backing up data with encrypted online storage solutions such as MSP Backup & Recovery from SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow) ensures that the data can be recovered if it becomes infected, accidentally or intentionally deleted, lost, corrupt or otherwise not available. Encrypting back-up data takes security to another level by ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the backed-up information.

Why Should Clients Use Encrypted Cloud Storage?

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Backup files contain your client's most sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, customer lists, trade secrets, new product information and more. Your clients have likely adopted the appropriate safeguards to protect this vital information in their production environment.

To continue this same level of due diligence, the same amount of protection must be applied when this information is backed up. By using encrypted online storage, access to sensitive data is made much more secure and private. In order to read an encrypted file, one must have a secret key, or password, that can be used to decrypt the backup data. Without the secret key, the data remains as “cipher text” that is unreadable.

SolarWinds MSP Provides Industry Leading Backup Encryption

When backing up data, vendors typically employ some sort of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect data as it’s being copied from the client site to the cloud repository. But there are many levels of SSL encryption keys, ranging from 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to 192-bit and 256-bit AES. The higher the number, the less likely the chance that an attacker can break the key.

MSP Backup & Recovery from SolarWinds MSP delivers everything MSPs are looking for in an encrypted backup solution. Its flexibility of data storage encryption options — 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES or 448-bit Blowfish — allows MSP Backup & Recovery to fit well into security policies and processes of most IT environments, including organizations with the strictest security requirements. Only the backup administrator owns the encryption key for recovering and accessing the encrypted backup.

Encrypted Online Storage and Secure Data Centers

Backing up data to a single data center creates a single point of failure. If that data center should encounter a power outage, network interruption, natural disaster or hardware failure, the ability to back up data to that location, or recover data from it, will become hampered until the data center returns online.

MSP Backup & Recovery ensures end-to-end security by encrypting backup data prior to transit, during transit and when stored online in our secure data centers located around the world. All SolarWinds MSP data centers are protected by 24/7/365 physical security, deliver on the promise of 99.999% uptime and meet the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001-14001-27001-50001
  • OHSAS 18801
  • Chapter 9-compliant SSAE16 SOC1

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Faster Online Backups and Recovery

Choose a backup solution that has been designed with security and scalability in mind. A tool that offers compression and data de-duplication shrinks backup sizes. Reducing the size of the backup accelerates backup times, consumes less bandwidth and reduces the amount of space required to store the backup.

MSP Backup & Recovery’s hybrid cloud architecture gives MSPs the option of backing up and recovering locally. True Delta Technology reduces online backup volume capacities and shortens upload times. Incremental backups shrink backup windows even more by backing up only the block-level data that changed since the previous backup instead of entire documents and files.

Flexible Cloud Storage Solutions for Every IT Environment

Many organizations use firewalls to protect their networking infrastructure. Because the computers containing the data to be backed up are located behind the company firewall, your backup solution should allow you to access client computers, without requiring clients to open multiple ports that could make their networks vulnerable to attack.

choose data protection with LogicNowBackup files can also be version-sensitive, so it may be difficult to recover old backups using a newer version of the same software. To avoid this problem, verify that newer versions of the backup tool will allow you to recover files that were backed up using an older version.

Another factor to consider is the amount of time it will take you and your staff to ramp up with the new backup tool. A tool that allows you to automate tasks and manage multiple clients from a single dashboard console, for example, can allow you to deliver the protection your clients need with the independence to focus on other core activities such as growing your business.

MSP Backup & Recovery addresses these concerns by boasting support for the broadest range of heterogeneous operating systems and applications in the industry — from Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix platforms to virtual environments, databases and unstructured file types. Its D2D2C approach delivers true redundancy and reliability, allowing you to perform encrypted online storage and recovery operations with or without an Internet connection.


To make your life easy, all backups can be managed and monitored from a single dashboard console. From the console, a simple mouse click enables you to

  • Automate backup and restore jobs
  • Schedule when and how often they run
  • Omit files you deem unnecessary to back up

During the entire operation, email reports update you with job status and other meaningful metrics.

Additional Online Backup Features of MSP Backup & Recovery

MSP Backup & Recovery also offers additional helpful features such as:

  • Bare metal backup
    Backup an entire operating system to get systems back to normal in the face of disaster, providing seamless business continuity.

  • Data archiving
    Customizable data archiving allows organizations to maintain industry regulation compliance, such as HIPAA or other financial industry regulations.

  • Software-only version
    For MSPs or clients that want to run MSP Backup & Recovery on their existing online or physical storage infrastructure, SolarWinds MSP offers the software-only version. This allows for encrypted online storage with the same benefits listed above, but on a company's own data center.

Features and price mean little, however, if a software application impedes a company’s business operations. MSP Backup & Recovery is completely transparent to clients and requires no changes to the user experience, applications and infrastructure. 

Plus you will never outgrow MSP Backup & Recovery. The software platform is designed to scale and grow with your requirements. With thousands of proven deployments and satisfied clients, MSPs can be confident that they can easily expand, support, and protect a growing customer base as new business requirements arise across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Find out for yourself how MSP Backup & Recovery can improve your service offerings. Start a 30-day free trial today and get started with our encrypted online storage solution in as little as 10 minutes.


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