Why setup a YouTube channel for your MSP?

Scott Calonico

youtube logoSetting up a YouTube channel for your MSP may not be something you have considered, but doing so can deliver real benefits for your business in terms of marketing and client engagement.

The popularity of online video continues to grow at a truly impressive rate. At the time of writing, at least 80% of online marketers are using video as part of their promotional strategy. If your business has yet to jump on board, it’s time to explore the possibilities.

Here are a few of the ways you can use YouTube video content to promote your business or help with day-to-day operations:

Sales Presentations

You can use one or more YouTube videos to distill your sales message and put it in front of potential customers.

Customers can access this content to learn about your business without the pressure of a sales meeting. Meanwhile, you can expose your marketing message to many potential clients without travelling to numerous client meetings.

Technical Bulletins

With technology changing and developing all the time, you may wish to consider producing regular technical news bulletins. These can incorporate your company branding and link to your online Web and social media presence.

You can promote these bulletins to existing clients. With the right optimisation and exposure, they will also reach an extended audience of potential new customers.

“How to” Content

If you or your staff frequently find yourselves explaining the same technical procedures, why not consider putting together some simple “how to” videos? A suitable example at the time of writing would be a video showing how to configure Microsoft’s Windows 8 to automatically boot into the traditional desktop environment instead of “Metro,” which many users dislike.

When a user asks how to do this, you can direct them to the video, saving your team from spending time performing the same procedure dozens of times. Meanwhile, members of the public who find and make use of the same content will be made aware of your MSP business, complete with links to your Web presence.

 Innovative Content

Many companies use their YouTube presence with the intention of creating content that will “go viral.” This is always an option if you come up with an innovative idea that ties into a service you offer.

However you choose to make use of a YouTube presence, there are a few golden rules:

  • Create content that looks professional and slick. It’s possible to do this with inexpensive software, so never rush out amateurish content that will reflect poorly on your company.
  • Remember that promoting your content is as important as producing it. You need to ensure people find and use the content to justify its existence.
  • Always interact with those who comment on your content. This is a valuable opportunity to establish one-to-one contact with potential customers, so be sure not to waste it!

Of the millions of new YouTube videos being uploaded each year, only a few will be the next “Charlie Bit Me,” or “Gangnam Style.” This doesn’t mean that a small library of content from your MSP won’t inexpensively enhance your business and contribute to your marketing strategy.