Virtual Personal Assistant reviews - 24/7 Virtual Personal Assistant

Scott Calonico

If you're running an MSP, especially a smaller one, it's likely that you wear a number of different hats.

One day you could be out in the field troubleshooting your biggest client, while the next you're crunching numbers for the latest budget.

On top of all this, you've got your marketing and advertising plans that need to be taken care of, as well as the social media updates that are becoming so important in keeping your company name out there in the public eye.

In one of our earlier articles, we touched upon using a virtual personal assistant to help manage your time. Before the holidays, we touched upon the service AskSunday.

Today, we'd like to continue with our series of virtual personal assistant reviews by taking a look at another service called 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

What 24/7 virtual assistant does

As with most virtual assistants, you can have the service do just about anything you'd have a carbon-based assistant perform.

Have your virtual assistant schedule or reschedule appointments, create spreadsheets, check email and even schedule dinner reservations.

In addition, 24/7 Virtual Assistant offers a "Web Plan". This is similar to hiring out a contractor to create a website for you. This can be as simple as a few web pages, or a complete e-commerce site.

24/7 Virtual Assistant business plans

The key business pricing plan for 24/7 Virtual Assistant is the dedicated assistant package. This is where you get your very own dedicated personal assistant that can be reached by phone, fax, email or through the 24/7 Virtual Assistant portal.

There are a number of different tiered pricing plans available, from $299 a month for 30 hours of service all the way up to $999 a month for 160 hours of personalized service (prices current as of January, 2012).

All the plans are flexible by the month and you can cancel at any time.

By the hour

Don't think you have enough tasks for a full time Virtual Assistant?

Or want to try out the service before you buy?

24/7 Virtual Assistant offers an hourly plan where can buy hourly blocks of time to hand over tasks to your assistant. As of January 2012, this is running at $15/hour. The only drawback here is that you have to buy the time in blocks of five hours, with $150 being the minimum you can spend.

24/7 Virtual Personal Assistant vs. other plans

The 24/7 service is structured toward customers who have a pressing need for a dedicated assistant and lots of work to hand over. If you're looking for a new right hand man (or woman), this might be the service for you. However, if you're just looking to populate a spreadsheet with data or have phone calls answered during a campaign, you might be better off trying one of the less expensive services.

The customer service office for 24/7 Virtual Personal assistant is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, while the backend of the service is based in India. Other Virtual services may be based elsewhere. AskSunday, for example, has both the customer service and backend offices based in India.

Your experiences

These series of articles are meant to be a helpful introduction to the world of virtual personal assistants and a brief review. Have you had any experiences with working with a virtual personal assistant service?

If so, we'd love to hear.

Feel free to leave a comment below.