The Top Christmas 2012 Gifts for Techies

Scott Calonico

tech giftsHave you decided what to buy the techie in your life as a Christmas gift?


This year, there’s no shortage of choice.

There are plenty of desirable items, some of which are brand new to the market and sure to raise a smile on Christmas morning.

Here are five ideas:

The Wii U

All geeks need a bit of downtime, so why not consider the hottest new games console?

The Wii U is a completely new Nintendo console, with an innovative controller that incorporates its own private touch screen, providing for some interesting new gaming options. Unusually for a brand new console, the launch game lineup is solid, with plenty of variety ranging from Xbox style first person shooters to classic-style Mario platforming.

Just make sure the intended recipient is a Nintendo fan. Gamers tend to love or hate the Wii, and the Wii U will be no different.

 iPad Mini

Steve Jobs famously promised that Apple would never make a mini iPad, but one appeared a short while ago after extensive rumor.

Whether the device was only released to put pressure on smaller Android devices is largely irrelevant. This is a great device boasting Apple’s usual build quality, at a keen price. The reviews have been largely positive too.

Raspberry Pi

In case you’re unaware, the Raspberry Pi is a tiny system board boasting USB, HDMI and Ethernet connectivity, alongside a Broadcom CPU and integrated RAM. It is, effectively, the world’s tiniest and cheapest computer.

Enthusiasts have turned Raspberry Pi devices into everything from media servers to Linux boxes, and at a price of just $25, you can easily hide one in a Christmas stocking as a surprise gift.

Go Pro HD Camera

With most modern smartphones and tablets now capable of shooting HD video, a video camera device needs to be a bit special to attract attention.

Well, the Go Pro HD Hero 3 is wearable, mountable on a bike and waterproof to 60 meters. It is clearly worlds apart from a smartphone’s video function, and sure to appeal to those who love durable gadgets that are a little bit different.

Kindle Fire HD

Although the Kindle Fire is largely tied to Amazon’s app and media ecosystem, it is still a great purchase and very keenly priced. It is also far more widely available than its predecessor, which was never released in the UK.

The Kindle Fire HD is a great e-reader and media player, and has received widespread good reviews. Its low price also makes it more affordable than an iPad mini – and for some, its functionality may be more relevant anyway.

A list like this goes to prove that techies are truly one of the easiest types of people to buy gifts for. The hardest part is choosing which they’d like the most.