Social Networking for MSPs

Scott Calonico

Yesterday we had a great webinar with Richard Tubb and Chris Martin in which they talked about how MSPs can use social media to market their business.

We'll have the audio, video and slides up in the next few days for you to listen and download.

The audience asked a lot of questions and we were able to have a great interactive portion of the webinar. It really makes it a lot more dynamic than just having speakers (as interesting as they are) drone on.

Just wanted to share some feedback that we got from one of the participants:

I do not know Richard personally but the words he spoke about blogging touched me – his encouragement struck a chord. And here I am, blogging.

I had long wanted to; but good intentions are not enough – nor is setting up a blog on WordPress, which I’d done some time back…

Richard’s message was simple: Get started! His gist was: Don’t worry if you get no pick-up at first, but keep at it. I found his genuine, experience-based advice comforting – it helped me shed my barriers, misgivings and strapped-for-time excuses.

That's one of the reasons these webinars are worth it.