O wad some power the giftie gie us

Chris Martin

Robert Burns statue. To see oursels as ithers see us! - Robert Burns

If I cast my mind back a couple of years back to when I was running my IT Company ….

  • If somebody had asked me what I did – I’d have said I run an IT Support Business.
  • If they’d have pressed, I’d have said a “good going local business – Microsoft Gold Certified Partner focussing on IT Infrastructure”.
  • If they’d asked what sort of work I did – I’d have said “IT Support & Projects”. 

Of course we sold lots of hardware and software, but I’d have left that out until we were in a position to propose a solution to something.

And, as it happens, more by accident than common sense, we made the bulk of our support revenue by selling monthly contracts. Once we sold these contracts, we used as many tools as we could to deliver them profitably.

And we did. We grew the business, doubled it every year, even before I’d heard of Managed Services.

So what?

During GFI MAX’s January 2011 Survey – I asked our customers what they think of themselves as and:

  • 78% of them call themselves IT Support Companies/Providers/Consultants. 
  • 21% call themselves Managed Service Providers (mostly in the US).
  • 1% call themselves VARS or Value Added Resellers.

So … I’m very glad to hear this. And I’m glad to keep telling everybody in GFI who is interested because it indicates a subtle change of emphasis.

Most IT Companies/guys I know pride themselves on doing the best thing for their customer. They architect solutions/packages based on their end customers business needs.

What they definitely don’t do is try and shift software or hardware then wrap some services around it. These are services businesses, not products plus services.

These IT Companies/guys integrity shines through – It’s all about providing end customer with the best possible solution to their business wish. It’s a long game, a relationship game, and a communication game.

And, this is why these businesses continue to prosper and will continue to prosper in the coming years. They have incredible knowledge and influence with their customers, because you do what’s best for them and have proved it over the years.