MSP Websites: 3 Simple Changes That Will Help You Win More Business

Richard Tubb

website marketing imageHow does your MSP website look? Are you happy with it? Does it win you any business?

During the course of my work I meet and exchange business cards with a lot of IT companies, and in more than 50% of those business card exchanges the business owner  hands me their card almost embarrassed while saying “Excuse the website. It’s due an overhaul”.

If that sounds familiar to you, here are four changes you can make TODAY that will help your MSP web-site win more business.

Mention Benefits, Not Features

Most MSP web-sites talk about what they do for their clients. 24x7 Monitoring and Maintenance, All-You-Can-Eat Helpdesk, Managed Anti-Virus. But what does this really mean for clients? What’s the benefit to them?

benefits image

Instead of focusing on what you do, focus on the benefits you bring to their business.

  • Are you saving clients time or money?
  • Do you help clients to win more business?
  • Do you help keep clients more secure?
  • Do you increase clients productivity?

The benefits you bring to their business should be focused in every area of your web-site - especially in your headline. While “We provide IT Support to Small Businesses” is factually correct, doesn’t “We Help Small Businesses Grow Through effective use of their IT” sound more attractive to a client?

Make it all about them, not you

When visiting a website, people are only interested in one thing - how is this going to benefit me? Most visitors aren’t interested in you.

But perversely, when putting together a website, most IT companies talk all about themselves.

Do a quick check of your web-site. Count up all the times you use the word “We” and “Our”, and compare it to the number of times you say “You” and “Your”.

If it’s more about you than it is about them - why would they be interested in it?

Change your website to ensure it focuses on how you will help THEIR business. How you will make life easier for THEM. Talk about how you will solve THEIR problems.

Use emotive words (such as "powerful", "confident" and "delighted") to help make your client the focus of your website attentions.

Tell them what to do next

So your web-site talks to clients about how you can help them. It explains how you can help them solve their problems and save time and money.

What next?

In marketing terms, you need a strong “Call To Action”. A next-step that an interested client would take.

Make it clear what you want the visitor to your web-site to do next.

  • Subscribe to your e-mail newsletter
  • Download a free White-Paper on IT Support
  • Pick up the telephone to call you

Be explicit with your call to action. Don’t just put your telephone number on your web-site. Instead write “Interested in making your IT work for you? Call us today on xxx-xxx-xxx for a no obligations conversation”.


Your MSP web-site is your shop window to the world and should be generating a steady stream of interested visitors who contact you to start a conversation. Yet many MSP’s put together something that strokes their own ego rather than talks to their clients, and focuses on what they do rather than how it could help potential clients.

Make sure your MSP web-site is an asset. Take the three steps above and spot the difference in the business you win as a result.

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