MSP Mentor’s Top 501

Scott Calonico

msp mentorLast week, MSP Mentor revealed the top 501 MSP businesses across the world. As well as revealing the most successful global MSP companies, the survey uncovered some fascinating facts about the IT industry in general.

In this article, we drill down on some of those facts to create an interesting snapshot of the constantly evolving MSP sector.

The top MSPs are managing more machines than before

The top 501 MSP businesses now support a total of 3.54 Million PCs and 726,000 servers and network devices. These numbers are up 33% and 32% respectively on the previous year.

While these figures must be assumed, at least in part, to be due to the success of these big-league MSPs, they also suggest that talk of us living in a “post PC age” are perhaps somewhat overstated, at least in the business world.

Mobile device use continues to grow

The MSP Mentor study revealed that the top MSPs are now managing around 455,000 tablets and smartphones. When compared to the number of PCs, this is perhaps a surprisingly small number, even though it represents an increase of 72%.

What can we learn from this? Well, it’s merely conjecture, but it seems that MSPs have yet to convince all their clients that managing mobile devices is as important as managing PCs, even though 74% of the firms report offering MDM services.

It’s fair to assume another increase in these figures next year—both due to a continuing increase in these devices “in the wild” and (hopefully) an increase in those being managed by MSPs.

Office 365 is rather popular

Love it or hate it, Microsoft’s Office 365 is doing well on the market, with 66% of the top MSPs using it with some clients (an increase of 14%).

Office 365 is the clear leader in mainstream cloud services, with Google Apps trailing behind with just 24%. This suggests that businesses are reluctant to move too far away from the Microsoft productivity applications they know and understand.

Per device pricing is still common

If you read plenty of material from the main MSP “news outlets,” you’d be forgiven for thinking everyone is moving towards a “per user” model, but amongst the top MSPs, 39% are still married to the “per device” model. 22% are billing per user, and 39% offer a choice of both models.

MSPs expect significant growth over the next year

The top MSPs were asked what kind of industry growth they expect in the year ahead. An impressive 39% chose “hyper growth,” meaning growth in revenue of over 15%.

With a further 52% expecting “moderate growth” (of 5%-15%) signs are that MSPs are generally confident that business is beginning to boom once again. After several years where growth in most business sectors has seemed rather stagnant, this must be a blessed relief.