GFI MAX, MSPs party like rock stars

Marc Thaler

ORLANDO – Folks of a certain age surely remember Poison, the American metal hair band that let everyone know they wanted “Nothin' but a good time.”

Who knows? There’s a good chance a GFI MAX employee, a GFI MAX customer, or a combination of the two took the stage Tuesday night and did their best Bret Michaels impersonation.

But you'll never know if you weren't here.

Poison's song certainly summed up the MAX 2014 U.S. Customer Conference extravaganza at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk. GFI MAX made the entertainment hot spot its own, throwing a private food- and beverage-filled block party that eventually led everyone to Rising Star karaoke bar.

Props to CJ Arlotta of Nine Lives Media for summing it up best:

GFI MAX Sales Executive Don Miller was the brightest karaoke star. Colleagues and customers alike were – pardon the pun – singing his praises during Wednesday’s networking breakfast.

Jason Etheridge, the president and CEO of Logicspeak, admitted he was nervous before beginning his “Lightning talks” presentation. The reason? Miller set an impossibly high standard for stage presence.

But perhaps the biggest endorsement came from Dennis Burns, owner of Georgia-based My Computer Assistant.

“I’m not really big on parties,” he said. “From a confirmed non-party-goer, it was great. I haven’t talked to anyone who didn't like it."

Conference-PartySure, as far as karaoke is concerned, there was some "good." There was some "bad." And there was some "ugly."

But here's where there's no debate: GFI MAX and its customers work and play equally hard. See for yourself next year: GFI MAX Director of Partner Community Dave Sobel announced that MAX 2015 will take place in Washington, D.C.

“Anyone that either knows GFI (MAX) or wants to know it, this (conference) is the place to do it,” Burns said. “My business partner convinced me to come, and it has exceeded our expectations.”