LOGICcards: Unleashing the power of the MSP community

Dave Sobel

Days like today come very rarely. Like the excitement of an Opening Day, the planning, training, and behind the scenes work finally comes together. There has been a massive, 18 month, $10 million project that is finally publicly unveiled. This project is our first major step into what we consider to the future of IT service delivery.

Today, we launch LOGICcards. LOGICcards is a data-driven platform that uses collective intelligence and machine learning to provide actionable insights so solution providers make smarter decisions. In my view, this is a fundamental shift in the way we think about our tool kits as MSPs, and it’s founded on something about which I care passionately: our community.

The potential for machine learning to improve the world is phenomenal, but there are two major challenges with getting big data projects up and running. The first is cost, because you need a specific skill set and vast computational power, which means that machine learning is generally only the preserve of large companies. The second is data, because you need huge quantities of data for the ‘machine’ to learn from – much larger sets of data than most individual IT providers have. We’ve cracked both of these challenges, but I want to focus on the latter.

LogicNow has the largest active MSP community in the world, and together it’s this collective that’s enabled us to do something that no one else can.

When we talk about collective intelligence, what do we mean? Well, right now that means intelligence from more than 12,000 MSPs, with tens of thousands of engineers, hundreds of thousands of networks, millions of endpoints and billions of emails. That is an enormous pool of data and it underpins the advanced automated analytics baked into LOGICcards. Because it’s not just descriptive analytics, which tell you what’s already happened, or even predictive analytics that forecast what’s likely happen. Instead, LOGICcards provides MSPs with the most powerful – prescriptive analytics.

It’s prescriptive analytics that’s the game changer here. Prescriptive analytics determine both what is likely to happen and the best course of action for optimal outcome. MSPs can now identify and prevent issues before they even start, enabling solution providers to make smarter decisions. LOGICcards moves the MSP toolkit from what is ultimately a reactive position to a truly proactive position. This is game changing.

In the same way that the advent of widespread internet access and the first MSP toolkits precipitated the creation of the Managed Services market, prescriptive analytics will have a profound and positive impact on the MSPs who are quick to embrace its potential. I’m looking forward to speaking to those leading MSPs over the next few days, weeks and months as we transform the market with the power of our own community.