How to Measure your MSP Social Media Success

Scott Calonico

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re sure to know that using social media is a valid and important way to market your MSP and communicate with your customers.

However, spending time on Facebook and Twitter can also, as most people know, become a time-consuming distraction with negligible business benefits.

To ensure your company makes the most of social media, you need to get a measure of your success.

Here are five helpful hints to help you do so:

1.  Know your Objectives

Before you can have any idea of your MSP social media “success,” you need to know what you’re trying to do. It may sound obvious, but many companies blindly build a Facebook and Twitter presence because they feel they should, and have no firm plans of what they wish to achieve.

Do you want to use social networks to reach out to future clients, enhance your company’s professional reputation, or to publicly display your excellent customer service? Decide and plan from there.

2.  Use Web Analytics

There are numerous ways of drilling down into valuable information concerning how customers interact with your Web presence.

As a very minimum, you should make use of the free Google Analytics tools on your main company website. You can then easily see how many people click through to your site as a result of your social media efforts.

You can take things much further. Social media software such as HootSuite allows you to study the behavior of those you interact with to an incredibly detailed degree – a must for those who want to take a truly scientific approach to social media.

3.  Examine your Interactions

Are customers responding to your posts and tweets, or do you feel like you’re giving a speech in an empty room?

Take notice of your likes, shares and retweets. If you are not seeing many, perhaps you need to examine the way you are using social media?

After all, it should all be about two-way interaction. Ask questions and attempt to involve your audience – people quickly learn to become blind to companies who repeatedly promote themselves without giving anything of value.

4.  Don’t Forget to Communicate

Just because social media is the modern way of communicating, it doesn’t mean the more traditional methods are obsolete. When you speak to customers, ask them if your social media presence is helpful to them and whether it adds value.

They may be able to suggest things you could do that they would find useful.

5.  Keep an Eye on Competitors

Have a good, hard look at your competitor’s social media feeds. If they appear to be having more success than you, consider what they are doing differently.

If a similar company has a similar level of followers, yet manages to achieve more likes, retweets and interactions, they are probably doing a better job of engaging with their audience. Take notice of this and try to learn from them.


Don't Be Afraid to Change

Although the measurement of success in social networking may be largely subjective, it’s perfectly possible to gain a general understanding of whether the time your company spends on it is delivering results.

If it’s not, it’s time to make some changes.


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