Five Great Mobile Device Gifts for Christmas 2012

Scott Calonico

Even though we live in a world filled with tablets and smartphones, there will be no shortage of new mobile devices wrapped up under trees this Christmas.


Recent months have seen the launch of a plethora of exciting new gadgets, some of which feature new form factors and boast tempting prices. This article presents five of the most desirable mobile devices for Christmas 2012 – all of which are sure to feature on many Christmas lists.

The iPad Mini

Apple’s popularity means that every new product the company releases attracts both praise and criticism. While plenty of haters have complained that the new iPad Mini is a step back due to a “slow” processor and the lack of a high-resolution retina display, there is still plenty to love about this device.

The iPad Mini can do everything that its larger brethren are capable of, and many reviewers say that its light, 7.9-inch form factor is ergonomically perfect for a tablet device. While it still carries the traditional Apple price premium over its Android equivalents, it is a considerable saving on a full size iPad, putting it in reach of a far larger user base.

The iPad “4”

We make no apology for including the full-size iPad on this list as well. The latest 9.7-inch retina-display iPad isn’t formally called the iPad 4, since Apple dropped this numbering convention with the third-generation iPad. The “4,” however, is useful to differentiate it from its predecessor, launched just a few months previously.  

This is a true luxury tablet device, with a beautiful screen, lightening-fast processor, an exhaustive library of superb apps, and Apple’s usual choice of 16, 32 and 64GB storage options.

Google Nexus 7

In a world where Apple is the company plenty of individuals love to hate, there are numerous people who would rather have an Android-based tablet.

Google’s Nexus 7, manufactured by Asus, could be considered as the iPad Mini’s direct rival, even though it was released earlier. The device has received a host of positive reviews and offers an incredible specification for a price significantly lower than it’s competitor. It may not share the luxurious build quality of the iPad Mini, but it’s still a great device for the money.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 has been a surprise hit this year. The Android smartphone is Samsung’s current flagship device and has a large form factor pitched between a smartphone and a small tablet.

Like the Nexus 7, the Note 2 has received many positive reviews and offers a superb Web browsing and e-reading experience. For some, it will offer the best of two worlds, negating the need for a separate phone and tablet.

Nokia Lumia 920

When choosing a team in the smartphone wars, some people will inevitably root for the underdog. Right now, Windows smartphones trail behind their iOS and Android equivalents, but current heavy marketing efforts could see this change next year.

The Lumia 920 is Nokia’s flagship Windows phone. It’s large and heavy, but bursting with functionality and featuring a really great camera. The interface is a breath of fresh air too, so those yearning for a change from the grid-based icons of iOS and Android will be glad to find this in their Christmas stocking.

It’s unlikely that any gadget fan would be disappointed to receive one of these five gifts. If you listen, they’re probably already dropping hints about one or more of them!