Evernote Targeted by Hackers (Again)

Scott Calonico

In recent years, Evernote has taken a firm place in the hearts of many, including IT specialists. It’s one of those applications that you don’t know you need until you begin to use it. If you use Evernote yourself, you’ll know it quickly becomes something you’d never want to be without.

Well, on Tuesday 10th June, you may have been one of the many Evernote users who found themselves suddenly unable to sync notes between devices. This was due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that targeted Evernote’s infrastructure.

Earlier in the week, news aggregator Feedly had come under a similar attack. While Feedly is not as well known as Evernote, it still has an estimated 15 million users, according to a BBC report. While this pales into insignificance next to Evernote’s 100 million-plus users, it’s still a significant number. As Evernote and Feedly are closely linked companies, the suspicion is that the two attacks may be connected.

Feedly representatives confirmed on Wednesday 11th June that their attack was ongoing, with the unknown hacker reportedly attempting to force the company to pay a ransom to make the attack stop, something Feedly unsurprisingly refused to give in to.

Although users of Evernote and Feedly have experienced some difficulties due to this DDoS attack, both systems are fully up and running at the time of writing, a testament to the resilience of the systems. Furthermore, although this attack has caused serious hassle for the companies involved, no user information is believed to have been compromised.

This is in sharp contrast to the last attack directed at Evernote, back in 2013, when the company were forced to admit that cybercriminals had gained access to account details and passwords. At the time, Evernote implemented a forced password reset for all users.

Evernote have not taken the same steps on this occasion, as no personal data is believed to have been accessed. However, if you like to live your life with caution, you may wish to change your credentials anyway, and do the same on Feedly also, if you use it.

This recent attack goes to show that no company is immune to hacking attempts, with cybercriminals obviously keen to show off their prowess by hitting large companies. It would be very naïve to think that attacks of this nature won’t continue to regularly hit the news throughout the coming years.