Using DiSC Profiles to Do What You Love and Delegate What You Don’t

Richard Tubb

When I first made the move from Break/Fix to Managed Services as a “one man band” there were a number of jobs that I had to do each day that were necessary but I simply didn’t look forwards to.

Chief amongst these chores was dealing with client backups.

Clients paid us to take on the responsibility for their backup success, and each morning before 8 am I would check my Service Desk and highlight the tickets with failed backup checks. I would then remotely connect to each of the servers with the failed backups, investigate and resolve.

By 9 am each day, I’d feel exhausted and sluggish. Not because I’d done anything strenuous, but because I’d slogged through the backups and all the life had been sucked right out of me.

Those Sales and Marketing tasks I needed to undertake that day, the ones that needed me in a positive and creative frame of mind?

They rarely happened.

DiSC Profiles to the Rescue

A few months into my move to Managed Services, and a friend persuaded me to have a DiSC profile taken (I recently wrote about the Benefits of using DISC profiles within your MSP). One area of my DiSC profile struck me like a slap to the face:-

“Richard tries to avoid everything boring. Although able to concentrate on one thing, he does not do so unless Richard finds the task fascinating or otherwise useful. In repetitive tasks Richard may be careless, discursive, hasty and make minor mistakes.”

Obviously I had a gut feeling this was the case, but the DiSC profile set red alerts ringing in my mind. If my personality type is to avoid boring repetitive tasks, then undertaking the client backup checks each day is probably not going to set me up for a productive day at work!

The next day I set about finding a solution. After some research, I started working with an outsourced Network Operations Center (NOC) solution provider who, for a small fee, monitored our client backups and remotely resolved any backup issues.

A few months on, the changes were noticeable. While I’d incurred additional expense by outsourcing the backups - relieved of the chore of dealing with them on a daily basis, I had more energy and enthusiasm and I set about the other business growth tasks that really helped me to move things forwards.

Marketing efforts increased, Sales started flowing in - and the business grew.

Using DiSC to Increase Productivity

Learning from this experience, I analyzed the rest of my working day. What other tasks was I regularly undertaking but were sucking the life out of me?

Tasks like:-

  • Dealing with Event Log checks
  • Chasing up overdue invoices
  • Reconciling the Bank Statements
  • Quoting for Hardware and Software licenses

… and many other similar tasks that I felt were my responsibility,

I suddenly realized could be done by other people a lot faster and more effectively.

What’s more, as I started hiring staff I realized that while I might absolutely loathe undertaking backup checks and putting together hardware quotes, other people loved doing these same things!

Save Energy for the Things You Love

And that’s the bottom line here. Do what you love, and delegate (or outsource) what you don’t. By doing so you’ll free up a lot of your time, and just as importantly, energy, to do the things you both love and doing and are genuinely important for your MSP businesses growth.


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