Creating a MSP Lead Generation Scorecard

Scott Calonico

lead generation signI recently recorded a webinar for MSP Business Management entitled “Creating a Lead Generation Plan for your MSP”. If you’ve not seen the webinar, you can watch the recording HERE

During the webinar I suggested that Marketing is a system, not an event. Too many MSP’s I observe rely solely on referrals for finding new clients, and only think about marketing when they desperately need new clients. By this stage, it’s often too little, too late - lead generation takes consistently executed activities to generate prospective new clients.

So how do you make sure you’re consistently taking the steps that will lead to new clients? One way to ensure you take the activities that will generate new leads is to rate yourself with a scorecard.

Creating a lead generation scorecard

The process to creating a lead generation scorecard is simple.

Create a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Apps. At the top of your new spreadsheet create columns labelledscoresheet

  • Activity
  • How do we measure
  • Goal
  • Week ending


Under the Activity column we’re going to be listing the lead generation activity we’ll consistently be taking. For instance, business networking, client account management calls, e-mailshots.

How do we measure?

Under the How do we measure column, we’re going to explain how we confirm we’ve actually taken that activity – a check or measurement. An example would be business networking. Its not enough that we just turn up at a business networking event, we want to make sure we meet 3 new people, swap business cards with them and then connect with them on LinkedIn.


The Goal column is to remind us how often we’ve decided we’ll take this activity. This could be daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Week ending

Finally, under the Week Ending column we create a number of columns containing dates incrementing on a week-by-week basis. Why do this? So we can record whether we’ve taken the activity each and every week, and look back at those activities we consistently are taking (great!) and those we aren’t (not so great).

Recording your results

You should set a reminder within Outlook (or whichever reminder system you use) to visit this scorecard each and every week to record the activities you’ve taken (or not taken!). I’d recommend doing this on a Friday morning. Why? Well when you visit the scorecard on a Friday and see all the stuff you HAVEN’T done, you’ve still got a few hours left that week to make sure you DO get stuff done!


I wrote on my own blog post that Perseverance and Consistency = Success. By using this Lead Generation Scorecard to track the activities you are taking, and importantly, remind you of the activities you had committed to but are NOT consistently taking - you’ll be conditioning yourself to build positive habits. Consistently taking Lead Generation activities WILL result in Leads Generated.

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