Change Your Systems, Not Your Employees

Robert Peretson

IT employees and software. Maybe you’re an absolute genius when it comes to motivating your staff and they perform all aspects of their jobs with precision, perfection and complete independence.

If you’re giving a seminar anytime soon on how you work this magic, please let me know.

Because in all the years I’ve run my own IT companies and employed technicians, getting them to perform the tasks they didn’t want to do has always been my greatest challenge. And these challenges are so commonly echoed by the other IT Support Firm owners I talk with regularly… “I can’t get my guys to enter their time… Why won’t they keep clients posted on open issues?.. They never keep our client datasheets up to date with changes to infrastructure or inventories.”

Techies are a curious bunch. They’ll spend 3 hours working on an Exchange server that won’t send, but once the problem is fixed, they won’t take 5 minutes to write up the detail about what the problem was and how they fixed it.

(Perhaps I’m generalizing here, but after 16 years of employing techs, I think the generalization fits).

Your techs are the main connection between you and your clients, and if they don’t keep you and your client informed, communication fails and you will eventually lose business.

The solution I found wasn’t hiring better techs. The solution is putting into place easy to use systems that allow communication to flow seamlessly and without being hindered by a lazy consultant.

Improve service reporting and time entry with a web-accessible Professional Services Automation Program – Make it super-easy for your consultants to enter service call detail from the client site or even from their mobile device by implementing a PSA. Your consultants will be able to enter their call detail before leaving the customer site.

Both you and your client can receive the detail report instantly via email, keeping everyone involved in the loop as to what work is being done, how long it’s taking and why.

Plus, if your PSA has the capabilities, you’ll be able to easily generate your invoices with a few mouse-clicks when all service time has already been entered throughout the month.

Keep your client better informed with reliable Remote Monitoring and Management Software – By implementing a RMM system that monitors the network, provides automatic alerting and tracks inventory, you will be able to keep your customer much better informed without always needing to manually touch base.

When your RMM generates alerts, they can be automatically delivered to your client, letting them – and you – know there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. This instills confidence that you’re watching the systems, without needing a consultant to pick up the phone to let the client know.

Sending automatic weekly health status reports is another way to keep lines of communication with your client open and lets them know you’re watching the systems.

And by automating the Inventory collection process and making real-time inventories available to your client via your RMM dashboard, you eliminate the need for having this data kept updated manually, plus it’s easy accessibility allows for instant review of up-to-date information without needing a consultant to provide verifications or updated data.

Communication with customers is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship. If you’re relying on your consultants to keep those lines of communication open, take a look at what systems are available to replace these responsibilities, or at least make them a lot easier.

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