Acts of people: protecting the unpredictable

Nick Cavalancia

Having been in IT for so many years, I think you’ll appreciate it when I say I have more faith in servers and applications than I do users. It’s not that they’re bad people; it’s just that they are far less predictable than the systems they use. Systems can run for, literally, years without a hiccup, but users make so many mistakes daily that we have a helpdesk setup just for them to call upon to come to the rescue.

Some issues are easy enough to fix – installing an application, or rebooting a printer. But sometimes the issues users call with are far worse, requiring IT to step in and actually recover lost data, endpoints, and servers. Take the following examples – they demonstrate how people within your organization can create situations that cause a lot of work for IT:

  • Accidental deletions – from a single file, to an entire folder structure, this case of “I didn’t do it!” leaves parts of your business unproductive until the deleted files can be recovered.
  • Virus or malware infections – Often, the aftermath of an infection means the need to restore operating system and application files to return an endpoint back to a safe and working condition.
  • Ransomware attacks – Ransomware can leave files on both endpoints and mapped file servers encrypted, requiring the recovery of critical business file.

Of course, there are many, many more user issues that aren’t mentioned here, but these are some of the more common scenarios where recovery is the only viable option. What makes these issues so unpredictable is that IT has no idea which user, which endpoint, or which server will be impacted next. And because backups may play a critical role, it means IT needs to make some very educated guesses around what should be proactively protected and backed up.

So, is it even possible for IT to cover all its bases and provide comprehensive coverage, regardless of who, when, and where the next user-caused issue involves?

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