5 phrases every security chief needs to know

Benjamin Redfield

In every way imaginable, we love technology and admire the people who create it. What we really want to do is bridge the gap between technical know-how and the universal language of dollars and cents.

And to that end, we’re kicking it all off with the 5 phrases every security chief needs to know if he’s reporting back to the C-suite.

1) We know where our sensitive data is, who is authorized to access it, and how vulnerable it is.

What you are really saying is, I know my sh*t – and I have the evidence to back up my strategy.

How do you know?

Our non-intrusive discovery process provides these answers. We automatically scan the servers, PCs and mobile devices on a network with speed and precision, and then present the answers in an easy-to-read dashboard.

2) Our total data breach risk exposure is $224 million

The board and CFO need this number to assess the business impact of a significant breach. They can also use it to budget security resources, and to take the guesswork out of cyber insurance.

How do you know?

We calls this the Security Number. It’s the financial liability a company faces from its cyber risk. We calculate an industry standard dollar value on each piece of unprotected data and factor in a level of access and the number and severity of vulnerabilities.

3) John, your division accounts for 60% of the company’s data breach liability – that’s $134 million

That’s incentive for business line owners to engage in security. Follow up with:

Most of the risk is from intellectual property in the Dropbox folders on your engineers’ laptops. Here’s how it can be fixed...

How do you know?

We calculate a security number for each device and financially prioritize them. At a glance you can identify which individual assets are the highest dollar risk and why, and then take action on these first.

4) Sure, I’ve got real-time numbers right here

You may be called on to give an executive briefing at any time, including when your competitor’s data breach lights up Twitter. Have timely, actionable data ready to be presented.

How do you know?

Most solutions discover only data or vulnerabilities, and are so cumbersome they only provide quarterly results and cryptic answers. We integrate real-time data, access and vulnerability detection into one platform, and present the results in a dashboard that speaks the language of the C-suite – dollars.

5) Here’s how our security initiatives have impacted the business

That may be what you are saying, but here’s what you are thinking: My team is freaking awesome.

How do you know?

Our trend charts indicate the overall cyber health of an organization. They provide proof of whether your policies and actions are successfully reducing the dollar liability – or make an argument for more resources.