3 Ways Public Speaking Can Help You Win More MSP Business

Richard Tubb

man public speakingDid you know that public speaking is the greatest fear of most people? Did you also know that the second most common fear is Death? That’s right, most people fear public speaking more than they fear Death!

Therefore, when you ask most IT business owners whether they’d volunteer to speak publicly and the typical answer is “No way!”

Despite this, you should consider becoming comfortable with public speaking on behalf of your IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) business.

Why? Here are three ways public speaking can help you win more MSP business.

Public speaking establishes you as an expert

Think about the last time you saw somebody speak to a room full of people. Irregardless of the topic, you probably viewed the speaker as an authority in the topic they were speaking on - an expert in their field.

When you stand up in front of your local business networking group, your local user group, a group of local business people or any other public forum - you’ll find that regardless of your ability to present, you are perceived as being an expert in the area you are speaking on.

That perception of expertise means that the next time the people you’ve spoken to need advice or assistance, they’ll remember you as an expert and reach out to you.

Public speaking = new opportunities for business.

Public speaking puts you in front of new clients

One of the most common challenges any IT business faces is finding new clients. Yet, one of the best ways to reach new clients is to volunteer to speak in front of business owners!

Think about it. We’ve already established that public speaking establishes you as an expert to your audience. But the audience will typically only come and see you if they’re interested in what you have to say! That’s a room full of people who respect you as an expert and are potentially becoming new clients of yours. Why wouldn’t you offer to be exposed to such an opportunity?

Public speaking helps you become a better Salesmen

Standing in front of a room full of people to speak is nerve-wracking, whether you’re new to public speaking or an established speaker - the nerves never go away.

For this reason, before your presentation you will think about what you want to say and practice saying it. You’re concerned about how you want to come across to your audience and so will consider carefully the words you choose to put across the message you want in the strongest way possible.

Congratulations! By doing this, you’ve just improved your technique in sales situations as well.

Those of us who have spoken publicly on a topic find that we can discuss that topic in one-on-one situations better than we ever could before publicly speaking on it.

Public speaking helps you to get your points across more effectively, and this is a skill you can use every day when speaking to potential clients.


While public speaking remains most individuals top fear in life, those IT business owners who choose to volunteer for public speaking - whether at their local business networking group, Chamber of Commerce, local user group or any other forum - find that it’s a powerful way to win more MSP business.

Public speaking can help establish you in front of an engaged audience of potential new clients as an expert in your area. You’ll come away from speaking knowing how to put your point across to others better - regardless of the situation.

Public speaking might feel uncomfortable for most of us - but those of us who overcome our fears find that one of the main rewards of public speaking is more business.


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