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SolarWinds MSP Launches MSP Manager Mobile App—Technicians Gain Essential, Immediate Access to Support Information from any Android or iOS device

Mon, 07/24/2017 - 14:25

DURHAM, North Carolina – July 24, 2017 – SolarWinds MSP, a global leader in delivering comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions to IT solution providers and MSPs, today announced the launch of its SolarWinds® MSP Manager mobile app which is available on both Android® and iOS® mobile devices. The MSP Manager mobile app provides instant access to all support tickets and customer information to help users quickly resolve issues from any location, at any time.

MSP Manager allows users to easily manage customer service support with integrated ticketing, tracking, and billing; it’s user interface is simple and intuitive, helping to make support tasks faster to complete, creating a more efficient, effective, and profitable IT service organization.

The MSP Manager mobile app provides technicians with invaluable information straight from their mobile device—delivering a prompt support service to customers while maximizing technicians’ time. The app also enables users to:

  • Open a ticket with four quick pieces of information, all chosen from drop-down menus
  • Start and pause time trackers to automatically report time spent with a customer; timers can be “stacked” if working on multiple issues
  • View tickets and schedules instantly
  • Access the app with quick login; four-digit or fingerprint sign-in, for devices that support it
  • Receive instant notifications of new tickets or status changes on the mobile device, or any wearable device that accepts push notifications such as the Apple Watch®
  • Document complex wiring details, error messages, or configurations quickly and easily with photo attachments; photos can be attached to tickets and notes, reducing the need to manually input a written description
  • Report expense items purchased for customers, such as cables, equipment, dongles, or software
  • Plan the most efficient driving route for a day of on-site visits with mapping of all locations

“We understand the strong demand for today’s service provider to be responsive to their customers 24/7, that’s why we have redesigned our mobile experience from the ground up to help technicians be more efficient when they’re on the go”, said Bryan Zimmerman, senior product manager at SolarWinds MSP. “Offering help desk, service management, and billing in a single application helps improve customer service, maximizes technician’s time, and ultimately helps me with my bottom line.”

MSP Manager is now integrated within the SolarWinds MSP Remote Monitoring and Management platform, supporting a user’s single pane of glass experience. For more information please visit


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