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SolarWinds MSP Introduces N-central 12.0 with NetPath Integration—Providing Deeper, Vital Insights into Network Performance

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 14:00

New Features Help Users to See Deeper into Customer Networks, Learn More on the Security of Customer End Points, and Increase Technician Efficiency


DURHAM, North Carolina – July 18, 2018 SolarWinds MSP, a global leader in delivering comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions to IT solution providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), today announced it has launched SolarWinds® N-central® 12.0, which hosts a wide range of new features, including deeper PSA application integration, enhanced patch management, and NetPath™—which is also available on SolarWinds RMM.

NetPath is designed to help users troubleshoot network performance issues by providing deeper visibility into network paths, application response times, and node performance for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments. MSPs can pinpoint slowdowns, outages, and other problems through a visual depiction of every hop traffic takes from the end user, through the network, to the applications being accessed, and back. When a problem is found, NetPath presents relevant network statistics and contact information for the affected node, giving businesses the opportunity to quickly alert other providers to help get the service restored quickly. 

N-central 12.0 can also enable users to:
•    Create, update, and close tickets for their PSA application without leaving N-central—including tickets that don’t originate from N-central
•    View and manage the last five tickets created, whether they came from N-central or your PSA application 
•    Help reduce false positives from patch reports with maintenance window awareness that acknowledge the time between patch approval and installation
•    Simplify status checks with deeper insight into patching failures and fewer thresholds to manage
•    Set up patch auto-approval or auto-decline by keyword to save time, help ensure critical updates are applied, and problematic ones are blocked

“Increasingly complex networks can lead to increasing headaches for those managing them, and as more businesses adopt cloud-based or hybrid solutions, the complexity only gets worse,” said Greg Lissy, vice president of product management, SolarWinds MSP. “NetPath is designed to help resolve the typical pain points associated with this new network paradigm. It can help support technicians identify where a problem is located on their network—or even on their provider’s network—and reduce reliance on tools that usually only show part of the picture, or aren’t tightly integrated within their Remote Monitoring and Management platform.”

“By integrating the NetPath solution across our MSP platform, we are again demonstrating how SolarWinds solutions are designed to help all types of technology professionals do their jobs better,” stated John Pagliuca, senior vice president, SolarWinds MSP.

To learn more about NetPath, please click here.


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