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Monitor and manage customers cloud-based applications with the new MAX App Control feature

Tue, 03/25/2014 - 19:50

Have you been looking for a way to take advantage of the opportunities that cloud offers? If not, perhaps you should be. Servicing the growing demands of your customers means innovating and diversifying - 'traditional' monitoring and management of servers and workstations alone won't work for much longer.

Powerful, flexible cloud management

Step up to the plate MAX App Control - easy, comprehensive robust cloud support for Office 365 and Google Apps that means you can offer your customers exceptional performance and availability across the full range of IT environments!

Here's the important stuff

  • Manage clients' licenses, users and mailboxes in Office 365 and Google Apps services via our unique 2-in-1 platform, eliminating the need to login to multiple consoles

  • Superfast on-boarding/off-boarding capabilities - create, update or remove users quickly and easily

  • Enables trending and historical analysis

  • Dramatically simpler management of security groups, distribution lists, organizations and teams 

  • Also supports Microsoft Exchange

  • Provides real-time 360 visibility and the control you need to manage your clients cloud services across their entire organization...

  • ...all via a single, easy-to -use pane of glass.

Dr. Alistair Forbes, general manager of the MAX business unit:

“With App Control’s new cloud management features, MSPs using MAX RemoteManagement have the opportunity to create new revenue streams by taking the complexity out of cloud adoption and taking on additional responsibility for a new, critical component of their customers’ businesses. The data available about their clients’ cloud services use will better position MSPs to advise customers on cloud strategies and current trends, increasing their value even further.”