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Cybersecurity: Could Overconfidence Lead to an Extinction Event?

When selling cybersecurity services, the last thing you want to hear from prospects is that their current defenses are good enough.

Yet, according to our 2017 SolarWinds® MSP Cybersecurity Readiness Survey, a large majority of businesses believe their current defenses are enough. However, the survey also shows that this confidence is likely misplaced.

Download our free survey report to:

  • Learn about the seven pitfalls of cybersecurity
  • Discover the most common security breaches for businesses in the last 12 months
  • Find out what our research means for MSPs—and how best to capitalize on it

The good news is that after reading this report, you’ll have the information you need to handle prospects’ overconfidence preventing you from winning more cybersecurity business. Get the full 2017 survey now for details.

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