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MSPs are now on the front lines fighting to keep SMBs safe from cyberthreats. It’s more critical than ever to understand today’s threat landscape and how you, as an MSP, can proactively protect your customers.

SolarWinds has created the Security Resource Center to make it easy for you to get the information you need about current issues and trends, as well as what actions to take next. Spend less time doing research and more time managing your business.


Important Windows Patches

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft released patches for a number of critical security vulnerabilities for Windows. The vulnerabilities patched include critical weaknesses in Windows CryptoAPI, Windows Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway), and Windows Remote Desktop Client.


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SolarWinds MSP and Ponemon: The 2017 Cyberattack Storm

2017 was a year of devastating cyberattacks. Unfortunately, many IT experts still have work to do concerning detection and prevention of the worst threats and exploits.

The Brown Report

The inaugural edition of the Brown Report focuses on proactive security.

The security paradigm continues to evolve. As a result, the adversaries, threat models, and motivations adapt accordingly. In this podcast, our VP of security, Tim Brown, is joined by SolarWinds’ senior channel sales executive, Stefanie Hammond, to discuss steps you can take to make your customers more secure by creating or expanding a successful security program.

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Threat Monitor™

Keeping businesses safe from cyberthreats requires constant vigilance and near round-the-clock monitoring. SolarWinds® Threat Monitor™ was designed to hunt threats and correlate logs against multiple sources of continuously updated threat intelligence. Threat Monitor includes extensive alerting, integrated intrusion detection, log searching, and much more. Get the short overview sheet to learn more about Threat Monitor. 

Email Security Guide

Companies face a constant barrage of spam, viruses, and other malware that can cause significant business harm — ranging from impaired productivity to lost business and brand damage.

No business can afford to operate without an email security strategy. This free security guide looks at email security for mid-sized businesses.

  • The changing face of email threats
  • Key features of an email gateway security solution
  • The opportunity for MSPs to demonstrate ROI
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