Standing Out from the MSP Crowd with SolarWinds Threat Monitor

SolarWinds® Threat Monitor can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace by allowing you to offer cybersecurity prevention, detection, and remediation services. Threat Monitor is a cloud-based, security-information-and-event-management (SIEM) platform designed to make providing proactive monitoring and detection easy and efficient. With streamlined log collection and analysis, built-in threat intelligence, extensive log searching, and a sophisticated, flexible alarm system, Threat Monitor helps simplify the process of detecting, investigating, and remediating threats across your customer base. 

If you aren’t ready to build out your own security operation center (SOC), you can partner with one of our approved Threat Monitoring Service Providers (TMSPs) to handle running the back end of Threat Monitor. That way, you can focus on managing the client relationship and winning new business. Download the eBook to learn more about how Threat Monitor can help you grow your business.

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