Why email security matters

Increasingly, email has become “the” critical business service. According to Radicati’s 2014-2018 Email Statistics Report, there were 4.1 billion email accounts in 2014, and this will grow to 5.2 billion within four years. Business is the biggest source of email traffic, said the report, accounting for 108.7 billion emails per day in 2014 – and the number of business-related emails will increase to 139.4 billion daily by 2018. Clearly email is baked into the DNA of any business.

Unfortunately, email is also a channel for attackers to strike at any organization. Spam is a frequent problem for business users, who may be sent harmful attachments that could infect computers on their network. Our SolarWinds® MSP Mail solution data supports the worldwide statistics claiming that almost 70% of email traffic worldwide is spam or malicious.