Advanced Threat Detection and Monitoring SIEM Monitoring: Security Information and Event Management

Deploying and managing a security information and event management (SIEM) tool allows MSPs to collect and inspect event logs, correlate events, and generate alerts for known threat patterns and incidents quickly for managed networks.

Security Information and Event Management Dashboard

Benefits of SIEM Monitoring and Management

SIEM tools offer several major benefits to MSPs. Strong SIEM monitoring tools can provide: 

  • Greater visibility: Gain insight into threats via centralized log collection, analysis, and reporting on security events that take place on managed networks.
  • Increased incident-handling efficiency: MSPs can streamline their incident handling via strong security monitoring tools. This can help them act quickly against bad actors and help remove human delays and error from the equation.
  • Simplified compliance reporting: A strong SIEM solution helps MSPs with compliance processes via centralized log collection capabilities, using event log data to provide information for standard or customized compliance reports.
  • Enhanced threat detection: SIEM tools can help MSPs discover threats to managed networks that may go unnoticed by other tools; they do this by correlating all events across the entire managed network to identify multivector attacks, their origins, and the potential intent behind the attack.

SIEM Features

SolarWinds® Threat Monitor offers several crucial SIEM features to help MSPs and MSSPs offer greater security services to their customers. It’s designed to offer: 

  • Centralized log collection: Threat Monitor collects logs generated across a service provider’s managed networks into one central location for comprehensive analysis.
  • Advanced threat detection: Threat Monitor can help MSPs improve threat detection capabilities by correlating the collected logs and events to identify attacks and reconstruct them to understand their origin and intent.
  • Automated incident response: Threat Monitor can help MSPs improve efficiency and reduce response time with advanced responses to help counteract bad actors discovered on managed networks.
  • Integrated reporting tools: Threat Monitor can help MSPs demonstrate regulatory compliance by leveraging integrated report templates and enabling MSPs to create custom reports to fit the needs of their customers.

SIEM Security Essentials

Threat Monitor is designed for rapid deployment, so you can see value quickly. As a SaaS-based security tool, Threat Monitor helps simplify threat management for MSPs and MSSPs who have multiple customers and managed mixed environments. 

Additionally, Threat Monitor offers high-speed log searching. It supports almost all log and event types, correlating and storing log data along with full-text search capabilities across a large amount of security events in a short period of time. By gaining security visibility across all managed networks, MSPs and MSSPs can use Threat Monitor to discern “friendly” servers from malicious ones.

Finally, Threat Monitor offers advanced incident response and optimizes resources by searching and analyzing logs to assess the nature of an attack. Threat Monitor then initiates intelligent and configurable incident responses to security issues as they arise.